Best of 2023: YouTuber takes Uber ride from JHB to CPT. Guess how much it cost?

Trip from Joburg to Cape Town’s turquoise waters. Picture: Unsplash

Trip from Joburg to Cape Town’s turquoise waters. Picture: Unsplash

Published Dec 29, 2023


In a crazy and daring move, South African comedian and YouTuber, Tsoanelo “Tsoanieskits” Moyo, took a 16-hour drive from Joburg to Cape Town.

The comedian took his two friends to ride with him on the 1409.6km journey.

According to Moyo, the point of the trip was to take the longest Uber ride in Africa.

In his video on YouTube, Moyo and friends, requested a couple of drivers before they successfully matched with a driver on the third attempt.

The driver, Darlington, seemed enthusiastic about the job and agreed to transport Moyo and Friends so long as he got paid.

According to Moyo, this is the craziest thing he has ever done.

“I don’t believe we are doing this, I can’t believe we are doing this. Let’s just do it,” Moyo said.

As reality kicked in on the mammoth drive ahead, Moyo said he was tired within an hour of the trip.

At some point, everyone on the trip was super tired and not speaking.

“No one was speaking. It felt like Cape Town had moved further as we got closer and closer. I asked myself why are we doing this?” Moyo said.

At some point, the Uber app said the maximum driving limit had been reached.

“You’ve driven for the maximum time allowed on the Uber app. You’re app will now be off-line until 1.37am,” it said.

In the end, the Uber trip came to R8 365.

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