Durban-born Mthembu to lead netball Proteas to NWYC

PRECIOUS Mthembu, born in Durban to coach Proteas. | Supplied

PRECIOUS Mthembu, born in Durban to coach Proteas. | Supplied

Published Mar 6, 2024


WITH two weeks remaining before the commencement of the Netball World Youth Cup 2025 Qualifiers Africa in Pretoria, Netball South Africa has finalised the twelve players who will represent the country in mid-March.

The team entered a training camp two weeks ago with a total of fifteen players, which has now been narrowed down to twelve. The final twelve will convene next week for last-minute preparations before the qualifiers.

Following Jenny van Dyk’s appointment as the Head Coach of the SPAR Proteas, Durban-born Precious Mthembu, the former assistant coach of the Under 21 team, assumes the position of Head Coach.

She will be joined by another SPAR Proteas legend, Phumza Maweni, as her Assistant.

“It is crucial for us to perform well in these qualifiers and ensure representation at the 2025 Netball World Youth Cup in Gibraltar. As we are in the rebuilding phase of our netball, instilling a winning culture in them at this young age is important,” said Cecilia Molokwane, Netball South Africa President.

“I believe the coaching team has selected the best team, and we have full confidence in them. They can rest assured they have our full support as a federation.”

The final twelve players selected to represent South Africa are:

Giada Prinsloo, Sunel Smit, Favour Kamsy Umeh, Phophi Luvhani Nematangari, Sanmari Louise Visser, Zané Bodenstein, Kyla Dames, Karla Maria Victor, Lisa Ingwersen, Renezia Andrews, Jade Morgan Atkins, Syntiche Kabuya

“It was a tough decision choosing the final 12 players for the Netball World Youth Cup 2025 Qualifiers Africa as the players we were assessing impressed at the previous camps.

“If we could, we would take them all. I am confident and comfortable with the players we have here now. We are planning to take each team and understand that it won’t be an easy task, but our main aim is to secure our spot at the 2025 Netball World Youth Cup in Gibraltar,” said Under 21 Head Coach, Mthembu.

Molokwane concluded by saying, “I must also take this moment to congratulate Coach Precious Mthembu, now the appointed coach of the Under 21 side.

“She has sat in that Assistant Coach chair with two good coaches, and we believe she has learned as much as she needed.

“She understands what lies ahead and has what it takes to take us forward. She will be assisted by the legendary Phumza Maweni.

“The experience they both possess as international players will inspire the young ones with which they are working.”