Somizi explains the WhatsApp text that caused a stir on social media

Somizi Mhlongo. Instagram

Somizi Mhlongo. Instagram

Published Jan 3, 2024


Somizi Mhlongo has addressed the WhatsApp text saga that went viral recently after claiming that it was sent by the late Dr Mbongeni Ngema.

While the country was reeling from shock after the news of Ngema’s death, Mhlongo shared a screenshot of a WhatsApp text in which the renowned writer thanked him for turning up when he was at his lowest point.

Thousands of his followers saw the post and revealed that, based on how the message looked in the screenshot, he had sent it to himself.

After a flood of criticism on social media and claiming trends on X, Mhlongo deleted the post and remained mum.

He was further accused of sending himself the message in an attempt to garner attention.

The message read: “Good evening, Mhlongo. I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for what you did for me when I was at my lowest ebb. Without any provocation or me asking for help, you extended your hand towards me. You are the only one of all the hundreds of my children who stepped forward for me. This has gone to the deepest and innermost part of my being. Ngiyabonga Mhlongo, you have proved beyond any reasonable doubt that I today stand in the shoes of Ndaba. Good night. Mbongeni Ngema.”

In a video shared on Instagram, Mhlongo explained that the text was supposed to be sent to the other group with cast members as they were talking about his untimely death.

“I promised myself that I would never again explain myself, especially on social media, but this one needs an explanation. And you deserve an explanation.

“So I posted a few days ago after the passing of Bhuti Mbongeni. I posted a message of the message he sent me. And I get why there was a huge hooha about it. But now let me explain. This thing was eating me up, and I had to correct it. Here is what happened.

“When I got the message that Mbongeni passed on, there was a group called Mbongeni Tributes. It’s a group that we’ve had for the past five years. It’s all the cast members in that group, right?

“So when I heard about the passing, we were talking in the group, and I was telling the group that, you know, he just sent me a message like this a few days ago. I wanted to share it with them that evening,” Mhlongo said.