Nunurai promises more wit and drama in the new season of ‘The Mommy Club’

Reality star Nunurai Mudarikwa. Picture: Supplied

Reality star Nunurai Mudarikwa. Picture: Supplied

Published Feb 26, 2024


Reality star Nunurai Mudarikwa expressed her delight at the return of “The Mommy Club”, promising more humour, fun, drama, and uplifting moments.

Mudarikwa said that appearing on “The Mommy Club” was one of the most life-changing experiences she’s ever had.

The second season kicked off on a high note with her flowers and fashion show event with her friend Ms Manche, which ignited social media thrills.

She is also not embarrassed to confess that the attention that came with appearing on the show was not without its challenges.

“Being on the show has exposed me to a whole new world. I got to learn a lot of new things.

“Shooting ‘The Mommy Club’ came with some challenges I didn’t expect, especially when I was shooting. I had to find ways to balance running my business, being a mother, and making time to shoot. What has also been a big challenge has been trying to make people separate me from being a television personality and me being a businesswoman, but I am grateful for all the support,” said Mudarikwa.

She believes that despite the hurdles, the friendships she has with some of the cast members make it worthwhile, and she is grateful to have met Nozipho, whom she describes as extremely sweet and soft-spoken.

A season full of drama, extravagance, and everything parenting is what fans can anticipate from Ms Manche, who returns after missing the reunion; Mrs Mops, who is also on the reality show; and Mudarikwa, who claims to be more mature.

The first episode focused on Ratile’s relationship with her former aide, Barbra.

Babra pays a visit to Her Majesty’s aide, Shalom, and discusses her current relationship with her former supervisor, Ratile.

Viewers also saw Mrs Mops and her helper, Mantshi, who addressed the rumours about her that have been circulating online.

While Ratile and Mudarikwa were in their homes, and last but not least, we got our first glimpses of newcomers Jabulile Sande and Nozipho Nthangase, who introduced us to their families and helpers.

Mrs Mops, who also made a return to the show’s reality television journey, explained why she decided to come back for the second season.

“I decided to come back for season 2 because I believe in finishing what you start. A big part of me wanted to clear the air with some of the other mommies and mend broken relationships. Another reason I wanted to come back was to show audiences a project I have been working on for so many years: my new skincare line, Nala Reign.”