Musa Keys slams distasteful insinuations about his sexuality

Published May 15, 2024


Musa Keys, a renowned musician, has fiercely rubbished rumours pertaining to his sexual orientation after some of his fans implied that he is gay based on the way he presents himself.

Although his sense of style has been praised, it appears that some have discovered a means to harass the celebrity, leaving him vulnerable to abuse on social media.

In response to the remarks made in a live stream, he stated that his lack of transparency on relationships does not imply that he has no interest in women.

He further clarified that his sense of style does do not define his sexuality, slamming distasteful comments directed at him.

“I see yalls comments about me being gay because I am dressed in a specific way. Since when does the way I dress define my sexuality? Stop being stupid people.

“Just because my business ain’t on social media about women does not mean that I don’t do women, so yall need to chill,” he said.

Apart from his fashion recognition, he has also been making big strides in his music career.

A huge accomplishment that has reverberated across the South African and African music industries is his collaboration with the renowned Nigerian musician Davido on the beloved song “Unavailable”, which also garnered him a Grammy nomination in the esteemed Best African Music Performance category, acknowledging his remarkable contribution to the song.

Additionally, this talented performer is listed alongside other talents who opened new avenues for the amapiano genre.

To further emphasise his influence in fashion, he was nominated for the Fashion Influencer of the Year award.

Additionally, he received a nomination for the 15th annual Feather Awards last year as one of the best-dressed people.

Among the major highlights of his career, “Selema (Po Po)” hitmaker Musa Keys scored a nomination at the coveted MTV Europe Music Awards (Emas).

The self-proclaimed Tsonga Michael Jackson was nominated for Best African Act at the international awards that took place in Düsseldorf, Germany, last year.

The singer recently made an appearance at the “Bridgerton” season 3 premiere, giving a spectacular performance and grabbing social media followers’ attention while dashing in a white outfit.