LOOK: These are the countries with the highest searches for sex toys on the internet

A couple holds a sex toy (vibrator) in hand. Picture: Unsplash

A couple holds a sex toy (vibrator) in hand. Picture: Unsplash

Published Feb 28, 2024


According to the Patient UK, the global sex toy industry is worth more than $15 billion (R287bn) a year and there is a growing number of people around the world willing to spice things up through the use of a sex toy.

There are health benefits associated with using sex toys for both men and women, and according to the site, using sex toys can enhance sexual pleasure including orgasms.

It can also help users to sleep, boost immunity, relieve pain, reduce stress and boost brain power.

In some places there may still be a stigma around the use of sex toys as these tools have long been associated with secrecy, shame, and taboo.

Healthnews looked at Google search data on which countries were hunting hardest for pleasure devices online.

The research looked at 30 countries worldwide and ranked the countries from most to least interested. “We tracked ‘sex toys’ search queries throughout 2023, translating them into each country’s native language.

“The relative search numbers were calculated based on the number of internet users in each country,” said Healthnews.

The health news site also said while the Google data shows interest in sex toys among different countries, it doesn't necessarily confirm actual purchases of these products.

When looking at the data compiled by the Healthnews, it seems that Western countries are more open to the use of sex toys with countries like Canada, Sweden and the United Kingdom in the top 5 of countries with the highest searches for sex toys.

Though South Africa is not on the list of countries with the highest sex toy searches currently, the nation still has a penchant for sex.

A study released by StatisticsBrain in 2016, indicated South Africans were 3rd in the world for sex toy searches online which prompted upmarket sex toy brand Désir to commission a survey to find out more about the complex relationship South Africans seem to have with their sex toys.

The 2016 survey found that over three-quarters (76.7%) of the respondents use sex toys and that the biggest reason for people not using them (23.3% of the sample) is because they are ignorant about the choice available and what sex toys can do for them, rather than being embarrassed or ashamed to use them.

The Desir survey also found that double the number of people buy sex toys online (42.9%) rather than from a “brick and mortar” store (20.7%).

The biggest reason people gave for buying sex toys was for spicing up their sex life (44.4%) or for introducing something new in their sex life (17.5%).

Though this data may be outdated, it interesting to have an insight into South African’s sexual interests and behaviours online.

As we close off the month of love, here are the top 10 countries most interested in sex toys online in 2024.

1. Canada

2. Sweden

3. United Kingdom

4. Mexico

5. Brazil

6. Portugal

7. Spain

8. Netherlands

9. United States of America

10. Poland

“Despite the assumption that Europe, particularly Scandinavian countries, holds the reins of pleasure, our ranking shows that sexual exploration knows no bounds,” said Healthnews.