Angola visa-free stay for South African travellers expected to boost tourism

A traveller’s passport that has been stamped at different countries around the world. Picture: Unsplash

A traveller’s passport that has been stamped at different countries around the world. Picture: Unsplash

Published Nov 29, 2023


As part of efforts to invigorate tourism and bolster its international ties, the Angolan government has moved to waive visa requirements for nationals from 98 countries, including South Africa.

TAAG Angola Airlines has welcomed the move and according to the airline, this policy is part of Angola's efforts to become a more accessible and an appealing destination for global travellers.

“While South Africans have enjoyed visa-free entry to Angola since December 2017, they now stand to benefit from an extended visa-free stay of up to 90 days, significantly more than the previous allowance. This change is anticipated to further stimulate the flow of tourists from South Africa to Angola,” said TAAG Angola Airlines.

The airline said that it operated 1178 flights between Angola and South Africa this year, showcasing the airline's dedication to providing convenient and streamlined travel services.

“During this time, TAAG has welcomed 134 473 South African passengers aboard, underscoring its crucial part in enabling cultural interactions and travel ease.

“The expansion of flight operations, coupled with the newly extended visa-free period, is anticipated to foster more extended stays and richer cultural engagements,” said the airline.

The airline highlighted that it is constantly refining it’s service offerings and tweaking flight schedules to meet and exceed passengers' expectations, reaffirming it’s position and vision as airline of choice in the region.

“For South African travellers, TAAG's extensive network allows for convenient stopovers in Angola en route to other destinations. This includes connecting flights to eight African cities and key destinations in Portugal and Spain,” it said.

The airline also said that its partnership with Iberia also expands its reach into Europe, providing South Africans with even more travel choices.

“With these developments, TAAG is set to play a pivotal role in not just connecting Angola with the world, but also in knitting closer ties with South Africa's vibrant cities and its people,” the airline said.