Helping young women to feel like a princess

ROWENA Bosman with some of the dresses she has received so far | SUPPLIED

ROWENA Bosman with some of the dresses she has received so far | SUPPLIED

Published Apr 21, 2024


Durban — A Durban North community organisation is helping matric girls feel like princesses on their special night in dresses made to impress.

The North Durban Lions Club, an organisation that serves the community and undertakes a variety of fund-raising activities, has appealed to the community for donations of gala or evening dresses, shoes or jewellery to assist girls in need of dresses, but who cannot afford them.

North Durban Lions Club Papillon Project co-ordinator Rowena Bosman said she and fellow Lions members were assisting young women in need, ensuring they were able to enjoy events like their matric dance without financial stress.

Rowena Bosman with some of the dresses she has received so far | SUPPLIED

Originally from East London, Bosman is in the process of reviving the existing project for the North Durban Lions Club. Bosman is this week’s unsung hero.

“I was a member of the Port Rex Lions Club in East London and I used to help in various community projects. The Lions Club in Durban had been running a similar project of assisting young women with dresses for special events until the person who was co-ordinating it left,” she said.

Bosman said the need to have such a project stemmed from appeals she had seen on social media of girls in need of dresses, either to borrow or that are affordable, for their matric dance or a special occasion.

"After an appeal went out from the North Durban Lions Club for dresses, there has been an overwhelming response from the community which we really appreciate. I have often come across young ladies who need a special outfit and they can’t afford it. And parents’ pockets are not overflowing for such things.

"We help discreetly as we don't want anyone to feel shy or embarrassed to ask for help. Nobody needs to know where they got their dress from. They just need to be helped, have an awesome day and feel like a princess. People have also offered to do hair and nails. If we can help one person, then there will be one less person struggling in the world," said Bosman.

She said there have been girls who have already reached out for help.

People willing to donate can WhatsApp Rowena at 0837869645.

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