Label boss and artist Lyzer unveils new EP, ‘Thanks Giving’

Renowned singer-songwriter, Lyzer. Picture: Supplied

Renowned singer-songwriter, Lyzer. Picture: Supplied

Published May 17, 2024


Mzansi singer-songwriter Lyzer has won over music lovers once more with the release of his new EP, “Thanks Giving”, which includes the captivating lead hit, “Nomalanga”.

“Thanks Giving” comprises four soul-stirring tracks that offer a glimpse into the depths of his musical prowess.

Other tracks include “Kancane”, “Leyo Vibe”, featuring Wesside Stix, and “Kumnandi Mngani”.

According to a statement, the poignant lead single, “Nomalanga”, is a compelling narrative that delves into the complexities of love and betrayal.

“Set against a backdrop of haunting melodies and emotive lyrics, the song explores the intricacies of a love triangle, where the protagonist finds himself entangled in a relationship fraught with deception and disillusionment.

“As the lady in question, Nomalanga, becomes increasingly distant and preoccupied with another suitor. The protagonist is left grappling with feelings of betrayal and abandonment,” it read.

With this song, Lyzer urges listeners to face the harsh reality of unhealthy relationships and restore their sense of self-worth.

Lyzer, real name, Mthimkhulu Khambule, is a native of Johannesburg's bustling Mogale City Kagiso 2 Township.

His musical career began at age 12 and has since become a driving force in his life, inspiring him to draw inspiration from a wide range of local and worldwide artists.

Lyzer’s music is characterised by a wide spectrum of inspirations, including Afropop, Afrokwaito, jazz, rhythm and blues, and deep house. Its soul-stirring melodies and contagious energy mesmerise listeners.

The artist, who also owns Lyzer Music Records, champions independent artists.

His annual “Once Upon a Time” event ensures that the local community’s spirit of musical invention endures by giving up-and-coming talent a stage on which to display their abilities and engage with listeners on a deeper level.

The statement read: “’Thanks Giving’ is more than just an EP, it’s a testament to Lyzer’s evolution as an artist and a celebration of the enduring power of music to inspire and uplift.

“With its rich tapestry of sounds and profound lyrical depth, the EP is destined to resonate with audiences worldwide.”

Listen to “Thanks Giving" below.