SANDF Showcases military capabilities at Rand Show 2024

Soldiers engaging with visitors at the Rand Show, exemplifying SANDF's commitment to community interaction and public outreach. Picture: Supplied

Soldiers engaging with visitors at the Rand Show, exemplifying SANDF's commitment to community interaction and public outreach. Picture: Supplied

Published Mar 30, 2024


The SANDF is making its 20th appearance at one of the premier lifestyle, cultural and commercial exhibitions in the country. The event organisers invited the SANDF to be a significant component of the show, which attracts thousands of tourists to Soweto.

Colonel Selinah Rawlins, Acting Director of Defence Corporate Communication, stated that this year, the SANDF aims to expand its public relations and communication efforts by engaging with the community, particularly the youth, about its programmes and constitutional mandates.

“Visitors to the Rand Show can expect a diverse array of activities from the SANDF, including performances by the SA Navy Band and displays of landward elements such as artillery, armour, infantry, engineers, signal, intelligence and support capabilities.

An impressive military vehicle on display at the Rand Show, showcasing SANDF's strength and presence. Picture: Supplied

Additionally, Rawlins explained that there will be opportunities to experience services from the SA Air Force and SA Navy, and demonstrations from the SA Military Health Service. Survival displays, deployable equipment showcases by the SA Special Forces, and mobile client service centres from the Military Police will also be featured.

Rawlins further stated that the Court of Military Judges will hold live performances with accused individuals appearing in court.

“The Rand Show serves as a platform for citizens and stakeholders to interact with their Defence Force, fostering mutual understanding and appreciation while showcasing the SANDF's capabilities and contributions to the nation,” Rawlins said.

An SANDF member in protective gear taunts an army dog so that the dog will later attack him in a demonstration for the crowd at the Rand Show, which is being held at Nasrec. Picture: Ihsaan Haffejee

The CEO of Rand Show, Adele Hartdegen, stated that the programme will air twice daily, first at 10 am for the morning show and again at 2 pm for the afternoon show.

Elements of the Arena:

*Battle Noise Simulation from SA Army Engineer Formation and Ammunition Corps to open the show with a loud bang and draw the crowd’s attention,

*44 para break-out drills during patrol and contact scenarios,

*SAASIC (South African Army Specialised Infantry Capability) mock attack with dogs (canine capability) and motorbike capability,

*Bay Bridge Building by SA Army Engineers,

*Landrover Assemble and Disassemble by Support Formation (Technical Service Corps), and

*Search and rescue scenario by the military police to close.

“We appreciate showcasing local talent. It's going to be a fantastic day with live music and activities for the entire family.

"The SANDF bands will rotate daily in performing flash mobs to lure the crowds to the arena,“ she stated.

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