Lecturer takes New York by storm

Bongani Masango performed in the provocative and powerful production, Dark Noon. Supplied

Bongani Masango performed in the provocative and powerful production, Dark Noon. Supplied

Published Jun 13, 2024


Tshwane University of Technology (TUT) alum and part-time Theatre Arts lecturer, Bongani Masango, is making waves on the American theatre scene.

As part of a dynamic theatre ensemble, Masango is captivating audiences with his performance in the provocative and powerful production, Dark Noon.

The ensemble has been gradually building its reputation and creating a compelling presence by engaging in a narrative of energetic and thought-provoking storytelling.

Dark Noon offers a reinterpretation of America’s colonial expansion, focusing on the guns, violence and exploitation associated with the infamous Wild Wild West. The production, co-directed by Tue Biering and Nhlanhla Mahlangu, is a whirlwind of action.

The troupe of South African artists, including Masango, brings a fresh and critical perspective to American history. They challenge the traditional narrative where the white-hatted cowboy is seen as the hero who tames the Wild West, often glossing over the brutal realities of genocide against indigenous peoples.

For American audiences, Dark Noon is an opportunity to rethink their country’s origin story.

The production scrutinises and deconstructs the myths and legends surrounding America’s expansion, forcing viewers to confront the darker aspects of their history.

Masango's participation in this ground-breaking production, as a TUT alum, not only demonstrates his talent and versatility as an artist but also highlights South African theatre's international reach and impact. His performance, alongside that of his fellow South African artists, is contributing to a vital conversation about history, power and representation in the arts.

The TUT community can take pride in Masango’s achievements, as he exemplifies the University’s commitment to excellence and innovation in the arts.

The play was previously performed at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival: Pleasance/EICC, Edinburgh, Scotland, in August 2023.

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