Tips to say safe on your e-hailing rides this festive season

Safety remains a paramount concern for users of e-hailing services. File picture: Pexels

Safety remains a paramount concern for users of e-hailing services. File picture: Pexels

Published Dec 23, 2023


As the festive season ushers in joy and celebrations, safety remains a paramount concern for users of e-hailing services.

Reports throughout the year have highlighted incidents of driver misconduct, placing a renewed emphasis on the need for passengers to prioritise their safety.

Bolt Regional Manager for the SADC, Gareth Taylor, has listed tips to make ensure you are traveling safe during the festive season.

Before requesting a ride

– With the festive season leading to increased demand for rides, planning your trips in advance can help you avoid delays. It’s not always possible but it would save time to plan trips in advance where you can.

– On the topic of saving time, it is advisable to be prepared and wait safely and close to the designated pickup location. This will minimise waiting time for both passengers and drivers.

– Before entering the vehicle, carefully check that the driver and vehicle details match the information displayed in the app. Make sure to confirm the driver's name, photo, and license plate number to ensure you are entering the correct vehicle.

In conjunction to verifying the number plate and driver, you may also check the boot as well as take any other reasonable measures to reassure your safety.

– While the idea of offline trips may seem appealing because it may change the cost of the ride, they pose hidden dangers. Incidents occurring offline are challenging to track and are not covered by Bolt's Safety team or ride insurance.

– Familiarise yourself with the service’s safety features available in the app. Features such as the SOS button, in-trip audio recording and share my trip feature are there to protect both the driver and rider.

During your ride

– Effective communication is crucial for a successful and safe ride. If a route is feeling a little dangerous or you have any tips on how to legally and safely get to your destination, rather speak up instead of not saying anything. It goes a long way to provide clear instructions to your driver regarding your dropoff location, route preferences, or any additional stops you may need to make.

– While communication is key, respect is crucial. Both riders and drivers are encouraged to treat each other with courtesy and avoid any form of disrespect or discrimination.

After the ride

– After completing your trip, take a moment to rate your driver and provide feedback through the app. This ensures a high level of service and recognises drivers for their excellent performance.

By following these tips and embracing safety measures, passengers and drivers can elevate the quality of their interactions and contribute to a seamless travel experience during this holiday period.