No Januaworry with Lottoland!

Published Jan 23, 2024


Everyone’s wallets are empty at the start of the year, but don’t let “Januaworry” get you down!

Lottoland SA provides you with ample opportunities to place your bet on the world’s biggest, and most famous international lotteries, where you stand a chance to win not only millions, but even billions of Rands in prize money!

Lottoland is South Africans’ favourite online international betting platform, with the results to back it up. In 2023, Lottoland once again produced several South African winners, especially on the German Lotto.

Using the Lottoland online platform, last year one lucky South African lady won R12 million on the US MegaMillions by only matching 5 numbers! Thanks to the convenience of Lottoland’s online fixed-odds betting, she was able to place her R50 bet online on the outcome of the US MegaMillions.

Online betting is possible with Lottoland anywhere and at any time, using a smartphone or computer. The entire process is digital, and the winner was automatically contacted by Lottoland SA when her lucky numbers were drawn. Her win was seamless, and from the time that she received the life-changing phone call from Lottoland to congratulate her on her win, it took less than 48 hours before the money was paid into her bank account!

Watch the video below to find out more:

The standard MegaMillions game starts at R50 and draws take place twice a week, on Wednesdays and Saturdays. To place a bet, just pick 5 numbers from 1 to 70 plus a Megaball number from 1 to 25. You need to match all 5 numbers, plus the Megaball to win the tier 1 prize, but MegaMillions also pays out nine divisions of prizes.

If you correctly predict the outcome of the US MegaMillions win, you’ll be paid out the same as you would have if you entered the official draw in the USA. Currently the prize money is standing at R4,5m, so what are you waiting for?

Players in South African stand a chance to win their share in more than 30 other international and local lotteries too, including the US Powerball jackpot and the EuroMillions, one of Europe’s biggest and most popular draws.

Lottoland South Africa is a licensed bookmaker with the Western Cape Gambling and racing board. Lottoland is recognized around the globe, operating in 15 markets with an international head office based in Gibraltar. More than 15 million people around the world are regular customers of Lottoland. It is also the first and only gaming company in the world to have its own insurance company, to give players the peace of mind to know that the payouts of their winnings are 100% guaranteed in line with the pay-out tables published by each individual operator for every single event. Winnings are converted into South African Rands and paid out locally into the player’s nominated South African bank account, to provide a welcome boost to the South African economy.


  1. Known as fixed odds betting, gives players the opportunity to place their bets on the outcome of a specific international or local lottery.
  2. Using this online platform, you can be in South Africa, or anywhere in the world, and still take part in any of the ‘big win’ international draws.
  3. You pick numbers that you think will be drawn in your lottery of choice, and if your lucky numbers are correct, Lottoland will match the main prizes and pay out the same amount to you as the official winning lottery draw pay out.
  4. Lottoland is registered and regulated by the Western Cape Gambling and Racing Board and payouts are guaranteed.
  5. Winnings are paid out into your nominated bank account in South Africa.


Go to

  • It will take less than 2 minutes to register on the Lottoland site with your SA ID or passport number.
  • After you have registered successfully, choose the lottery you want to bet on.
  • There are 5 options to pay for your bet: Visa / Master Card / Snap Scan /1Voucher /SID EFT.
  • Direct deposits are also possible, but this will take 24 hours to reflect in your Lottoland account.
  • If your numbers match and you are a winner, log in and choose the My Account/Payout option, and click on - Add account details ZA.
  • Your winnings will then be transferred into your nominated South African bank account. (Usually within 24 – 72 hours).