African Excellence on display as Hisense wows AGOA 2023 Summit

Hisense Triumphs at AGOA 2023 Summit: Building in Africa for Africa

Hisense Triumphs at AGOA 2023 Summit: Building in Africa for Africa

Published Nov 23, 2023


The recently concluded 20th US-sub-Saharan Africa Trade and Economic Cooperation Forum (AGOA Forum) was a resounding success, uniting nations, industries, and leaders with a shared vision of transforming Africa's economic landscape.

This year's event had a special star - Hisense, the Proudly South African company leaving an indelible mark on the continent.

Building in Africa for Africa: Hisense's Impact Beyond Borders

The heartbeat of this year's AGOA Forum was the 'Made in Africa Exhibition,' where regional value chains took centre stage. Hisense, a global leader in technology, exemplified the very essence of "Built in Africa for Africa". Their products aren't just appreciated by South African consumers; they are cherished by countries such as Tanzania, Zambia, and Botswana, where Hisense plays a significant role in enhancing local economies.

At the core of Hisense's commitment to Africa is their Atlantis factory, a powerhouse of innovation producing thousands of high-quality products tailored to African needs. Complementing this, Hisense's Cape Town warehouse plays a pivotal role in ensuring that these exceptional products are readily available to African countries, streamlining their reach and impact.

A Showcase of Excellence: Hisense's Innovations

100L9H, U7K, U8K, U7H: Hisense's range of Laser TV's and televisions sets new standards for picture quality, sound, and immersion, making every viewing experience truly exceptional.

H750FSB-IDS: Redefining refrigeration, this smart fridge isn't just a cooling unit; it's an integral part of modern homes, enhancing convenience and energy efficiency.

H670SDK-WD: Inspired by art, this refrigerator offers exceptional performance while adding colour and vibrancy to any kitchen.

U5120G: Elevating the audio experience, the Hisense soundbar delivers crystal-clear sound and takes home entertainment to new heights.

The Hisense Legacy: Impacting Africa's Future

Hisense's presence at AGOA 2023 wasn't just about showcasing products; it was about reaffirming a commitment to Africa's growth and development. As a company deeply rooted in South Africa, Hisense extends its impact far beyond its borders. With thousands of local jobs, and a range of products designed to meet the needs of African consumers, Hisense truly represents the spirit of "Built in Africa for Africa".

Africa's future is indeed bright, and Hisense is at the forefront, making a significant difference in local economies and bringing the best of technology and innovation to people's lives.

For more information about Hisense's impact and Proudly South African commitment, visit Hisense Proudly South African.