TikTok takes on ‘Dry January’

Mocktails are a good replacement for your usual tipple during Dry January.

Mocktails are a good replacement for your usual tipple during Dry January.

Published Jan 16, 2024


January is certainly a month of new beginnings and fresh starts.

This is particularly relevant for those taking part in Dry January 2024.

But for every person abstaining (and rubbing it in other users’ faces), is another indulging (and rubbing it in other users’ faces), and with so many conflicting views, opinions and experiences, the first month of the year can become a long one, in more ways than one.

TikTok has been filled with hilarious takes on Dry January, with users commenting on the hard task ahead, while others simply give up on the task at hand. One such video comes from @krianbearney, who comedically goes through the first few months of the year detailing the downward spiral of attempting Dry January.

@krianbearney The Ending 😂![CDATA[]]>🤣 #dryjanuary #newyearnewme #comedy #lol #lmao #relatable #😂 #joke #funny #alcohol #drinking ♬ original sound - KrianBearney

With the ability to find any excuse to have a drink throughout the months, Bearney cleverly identifies with a community who can relate to these struggles.

Another video gaining traction on TikTok comes from @kelsey.carnes. she pokes fun at those who are working through dry January by emphasising their need to let everyone know how they are doing and that they are in fact partaking in Dry January.

@kelsey.carnes How i feel every dry January 😂 #dryjanuary #humor #girljokes #dryjanuary2024 #thatoneffriend ♬ original sound - Kelsey

If you are wanting to stick to your Dry January task, @corrinamontejano has some excellent tips for how to go alcohol-free all month.

Some tips include finding placebos or alternatives to alcohol, such as alcohol-free wines, beers and mocktails. Additionally, she details how telling a select group of people can help to hold you accountable and keep you motivated. For more helpful tips, check out the video below.

@corrinamontejano who’s with me?🥹 let’s make 2024 OURS!!! tips to help you tackle dry January and our sober curious era…this is something to be proud of, celebrated and lets do it together✨✨ #sober #dryjanuary #sobercurious #healthyhacks #fyp ♬ original sound - Corrina | HIIT & Home Workouts

So how is your Dry January going?

Some of us may still be going strong, some may have given up, and some may have not even started to begin with.

Either way January is a terribly long month with twists and turns for us all. Find your happiness wherever you can get it.