LISTEN: Marc Lottering returns to his roots with ‘So I Wrote That Musical’

Marc Lottering’s new show ‘So I Wrote That Musical’ is on at the Baxter Theatre in Cape Town until January 6, 2024.

Marc Lottering’s new show ‘So I Wrote That Musical’ is on at the Baxter Theatre in Cape Town until January 6, 2024.

Published Dec 20, 2023


Marc Lottering is a household name in South Africa. The comedian has been doing stand-up for 24 years and shows no sign of stopping.

He sat down with Magic828’s Steven Taylor to chat about his new stand-up show So I Wrote That Musical which is currently on at the Baxter Theatre in Cape Town.

Lottering returns to his roots as a stand-up comic: “It’s a great career because you don’t share money. It’s all you.

“When you walk onto stage and you’ve got that EFT waiting for you, regardless of how difficult the audience may be, you focus on the EFT, so it’s a good career choice,” Lottering said.

“And I have to say, living in South Africa, we have so many issues all the time, and the way we cope with all of these outrageous things that happen to us in our country all the time, all the things politicians do to us, South Africans survive through comedy. to be a stand-up comedian anywhere in the world, but especially in South Africa, it’s such a privilege because you know there are people who have taken the time to come and watch you, you know they have made that choice and they really just need to let their hair down for 90 minutes, and escape the madness for a little bit.”

Taylor asked Lottering if there would be any singing in the show.

“I’m a singer after my fourth tequila, then I believe I can sing circles around any Bohemian Rhapsody that has ever written. But by the time I’m done the lounge is always empty,” he chuckled.

“I have written three musicals, and it is a topic that I touch on in the show, is about having to suddenly work with 20 people running around you and dancing, as opposed to just me being on stage doing stand-up.”

The show focuses on recent developments in Lottering’s life.

“I touch on how we now own our home...”

“You and Anwar?” queried Taylor, to which Lottering retorted: “Yes, of course I moved in with my partner, I didn’t just forget him in the Uber...

“Actually you know, Anwar and I went out one night and I came home and I felt like something was wrong. You know when you come in and you feel like maybe someone has broken in, but I realised what was wrong was that I had left him at the venue. And we had to do a lot of counselling after that.”

Marc Lottering with Steven Taylor at the Baxter Theatre in Cape Town. Picture: Supplied

Tickets for So I Wrote That Musical are currently on sale.

“My show is running till January 6, and people please need to book, because we now bought a house, and I’m trying to tile the bathroom and tiles are very expensive... I was in Paarden Island the other day and I had to sell my lung for nine grey tiles, so everyone please come and see my show. Please, we’re trying to buy more tiles in Paarden Island, tickets are available at Webtickets, the show is on at the Baxter.”

Listen to the full interview here.

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