WATCH: EFF leader Julius Malema won’t stop singing ‘Kill The Boer’, slams ‘wrinkled’ Helen Zille and FF+

EFF leader Julius Malema. Picture: Timothy Bernard/ African News Agency(ANA)

EFF leader Julius Malema. Picture: Timothy Bernard/ African News Agency(ANA)

Published Aug 2, 2023


EFF leader Julius Malema has fired back at the DA and the Freedom Front Plus, saying he would continue to sing “Kill the Boer” if he wished.

Malema was speaking during an EFF press conference on Wednesday from their Johannesburg headquarters.

Malema said the decisions of the court had to be respected, reminding journalists that the Equality Court ruled that the song was part of free speech, was allowed in the politically contested arena, and was not hate speech or incitement, after defeating the lobby group AfriForum in court.

Malema slammed DA Federal Leader Helen Zille, who has been critical of the red-beret leader for singing the song, saying she had the “botox-wrinkled face of a devil”.

Malema said Zille wanted to dictate to the public when people had to respect the courts.

“I won in court. The court said there is nothing wrong with singing 'Kiss/Kill the Boer',” he said, imploring people to go and read the court judgment.

“When the courts favour Helen Zille, we must respect the court decision, but suddenly we don't understand that when the EFF wins in court.

Those who have appealed must go and fight it in court, the courts of South Africa have made a declaration and it's closed, this is just sponsored outrage from Zille,” he said.

Malema said if Zille and FF+ leader Pieter Groenewald were serious about the 'Kill the Boer" song, why did they not join AfriForum in the court matter against the EFF.

Malema also hit out at DA leader John Steenhuisen, saying he would not entertain “that illiterate”.

“No wrinkled bottom face, maGogo shall make me explain myself, it is not my song, it is a Struggle song and I will sing it when I like,” said Malema.

Meanwhile, a group of unknown white men were blocked from entering the EFF’s headquarters on Wednesday. They were forced away, and some were seen being pushed and slapped away as the groups came to a head.

Malema has also sounded a warning to Steenhuisen and the DA, saying the EFF would not entertain the DA marching to its headquarters.

“Come and try it here. As long as you are wearing a DA T-shirt on that day, you will know what the EFF is. We will teach them.

“We never go to anyone's offices. We have everything we need to defend these offices, and we will defend them with our lives. They must be warned,” said Malema.

The FF+ have opened a case of intimidation against EFF leader Julius Malema for chanting “Kill the Boer, Kill the Farmer” which was sang during the red berets' 10th anniversary celebrations in Joburg at the weekend.

The DA said it would also charge the ANC-led government before the UN Human Rights Council over its “years-long failure to take action against their one-time protégé”, even as brutal farm murders continue to escalate in South Africa. It would file a complaint against the EFF before the UNHRC as well.