Suspected copper cable thief killed in mob justice attack in Limpopo

Published Feb 25, 2024


A suspected copper cable thief has been killed in Limpopo.

The suspected copper cable thief was killed in a mob attack, just outside Giyani in Limpopo.

According to Limpopo police spokesperson Lieutenant Colonel Malesela Ledwaba, the deceased had been hired by other alleged cable thieves to transport the stolen cable when they came under attack.

The deceased was apparently in the presence of his girlfriend at the time, who was also seriously injured and is currently receiving treatment in hospital.

“Further investigations reveal that the deceased was hired by four males for transportation purposes. He was ordered to wait for them at the soccer field and they would phone him when they were done. He then parked his vehicle at the said soccer field and waited for them accompanied by his girlfriend,” Ledwaba said.

Ledwaba has pleaded with the public to not take the law into their own hands and let the police do their job.

Provincial Commissioner of Police in Limpopo Lieuetenant General, Thembi Hadebe has also strongly condemned the incident and reiterated that the community should contact police if they apprehend criminals without taking any illegal actions.


Last week, in an unrelated but similar matter, a 30-year-old man was arrested after he was caught by bystanders for allegedly robbing a woman of her cellphone in Sea Point, Cape Town.

A video of his apprehension went viral. It showed a mob attacking him.

The footage showed four men surrounding the suspect while the victim, a foreigner, runs to the rescue of the robber.

Two other men kick the crying suspect while a woman’s voice in the background shouts in isiXhosa: “Hit him!”

The alleged cellphone robber, wearing a white top and blue jeans, then gets up. He is bent down and walks backwards to the other side of the road while the victim looks on.

A video of a mob justice incident after a man allegedly robbed a woman of her cell phone in Sea Point has gone viral. Picture: Screengrabbed