Rebecca Malope taps into fashion

Dr Rebecca Malope. Picture: Supplied

Dr Rebecca Malope. Picture: Supplied

Published Apr 30, 2024


The legendary gospel singer Rebecca Malope has ventured into fashion.

In a post on Instagram, the gospel singer known as ‘The Queen of Gospel’ has shared a video where she is seen showing clothes that she made for her choir.

According to Malope, anything is possible as long as people put their mind into it.

“If I can do this, you can also do it. More is coming,” said Malope..

This follows a video she posted on Instagram in February where she was showing a dress she made and giving motivation to people to explore all their talents.

The renowned singer took a moment to encourage her followers to continue pursuing their talents.

Malope claimed that she’s no longer buying clothes but was now making her own clothes from scratch. She showed a detailed dress where she mixed two fabrics to come up with a uniquely styled dress.


“Don’t give up, it’s not too late to learn something new. Look at me, I learnt how to make my own clothes. Now I am not buying clothes anymore, I sit down and make them,” said Malope.

She concluded by urging people to start a journey of self-discovery to uncover their unique ability and talent.

“You know me as a singer, now I make clothes. Pick them one by one and make use of them. A smart person does that,” Malope said.