Along with skinny jeans, Gen Z have decided that ankle socks are no longer cool

Ankle socks are now out of fashion. Picture: Livi Po / Unsplash

Ankle socks are now out of fashion. Picture: Livi Po / Unsplash

Published May 20, 2024


If you’re a millennial and love wearing ankle or secret socks, you might want to move along because if you’re a fashionista, the latest sock trend will leave you feeling old.

The Generation Z crew have a way of making us older folk feel even older simply by their fashion choices. Gen Z are those born between 1997 and 2012.

A few years ago, Gen Z decided that skinny jeans were a no-no and most of us followed instructions and threw out all our skinnies, yes even the one that took us years to find.

Skinny jeans and ankle socks are a bad combination. Picture: Thomas Balabaud / Pexels

We’ve slowly started getting into a more relaxed fit. I for one am very happy about this. I hated skinny jeans anyway.

Now there’s a new trend that is dividing the generations.

If you’re still showing off your ankles while wearing a shoe you would usually wear a secret or ankle socks with, like sneakers, boots or pumps, then you’re failing on the fashion front.

According to the Gen-Z, one now has to wear proper socks, the length of the sock doesn’t matter, with your shoes.

Long socks are now on trend. Picture: Marcus Kroegler / Unsplash

Yes even when you go to the gym. That sporty look that you thought was so cool, is now out!

People have now moved the discussion onto X.

“Gen Z over here trying to cancel ankle socks now??? Aren’t you guys wearing things we used to wear back in the early 2000’s nowadays? Make it make sense,” says @cestxlavi.

— C’estLavi (@cestxlavi) May 16, 2024

@BrewersRaptor writes: “Millennials watching high socks be cool now after being made of their whole childhood for not wearing ankle or no show socks.”

— Joel Young, CBM (@joel_off_air) May 15, 2024

Personally, I’m happy to follow the trend because I keep losing my secret socks anyway. Longer socks are much easier to keep track of.

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