LOOK: 2024 winter nail colour trends

Red is a classic colour for winter. Picture: Stein Portraits / Pexels

Red is a classic colour for winter. Picture: Stein Portraits / Pexels

Published Jun 7, 2024


The weather might be dull and dreary but it doesn’t mean that your nails can’t shine.

Winter nail colour trends can add a pop of style to your overall look, even when bundled up in layers during the colder months.

This year, the 2024 winter nail colour trends are all about embracing bold and vibrant shades that bring a touch of warmth and glamour to your fingertips.

From deep, rich hues to playful pastels, there’s a colour for every mood and occasion.

Back to the classics

One of the standouts for this winter is classic red.

Whether you opt for a deep burgundy or a bright cherry red, this timeless colour is perfect for any occasion.

Shimmer and shine

Another popular trend is metallic shades, such as silver, gold, and bronze.

These shimmery hues add a touch of luxury and sophistication to any manicure.

If a full nail of metallic is too out there for you, consider creating a twist on the French manicure and only make the tips metallic.

Keep it neutral

For those who prefer a more understated look, neutral tones like taupe, beige, and soft gray are also trending this winter.

These versatile shades are perfect for everyday wear and can easily complement any outfit.

Perfectly pastel

Pastel colours are also making a comeback this season, with shades like baby blue, lavender, and mint green adding a playful and whimsical touch to your nails.

No matter which winter nail colour trend you choose to rock this season, don't forget to take care of your nails and hands.

The cold tends to dry out your skin so keep them moisturised.

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