Beauty products celebrities swear by

British model Naomi Campbell. Picture: Danny Moloshok/ Reuters

British model Naomi Campbell. Picture: Danny Moloshok/ Reuters

Published Jul 23, 2022


To have flawless, dewy, wrinkle-free skin is every woman's dream.

We look at celebrities' skin and wonder how they can possibly have such great skin.

Yes, of course there’s make-up, but no amount of make-up can cover up bad skin.

By bad I mean dry, pigmented and flaky skin.

Many famous women have beauty routines and products that they swear by and simply cannot do without.

It has been said that Cleopatra used to bathe in milk, Catherine the Great smoothed ice over her face to promote a youthful glow, while Marie Antoinette’s facial treatments consisted of everyday ingredients such as eggs, lemon, milk and even cognac.

While these famous women didn’t have beauty products at their fingertips in pretty little bottles, it’s proof that the quest for great skin is one that women have strived for over the centuries.

Thankfully, with decades of research and thousands of different ingredients tried and tested, we can now walk into any store or step into a beauty salon and simply buy what we need and hope that what the product promises to achieve will in fact work for you and result in that much desired perfect skin.

While we spend a small fortune on products and procedures, we look to today’s famous beauties for advice and insight into what makes them glow.

Here’s a list of beauty products that some of our favourite famous faces cannot live without.

Ever wondered, well of course you have, how supermodel Naomi Campbell has managed to keep her skin looking so radiant? Her must-have product is, Dr. Dennis Gross Alpha Beta Universal Daily Peel. The two-step anti-ageing AHA/BHA peel pads help her maintain an ageless glow. “The Batman” star Zoë Kravitz and ex-Victoria Secret model Chrissy Tiegen are major fans of the product as well.

Zoë Kravitz. Picture: AFP

"So important for on and around my nose and chin. You’ll notice a HUGE difference," said Tiegen on using Dr. Dennis Gross Alpha Beta Peel Pads when showing her beauty products during an Instagram video.

Many celebrities swear by Dr. Barbara Sturm’s skincare range. Her range includes Brightening Face Lotion, Facial Scrub and Hyaluronic Acid Serum. These are just a few of her products that constantly pop up when viewing our favourites sharing their everyday beauty routines.

Kourtney Kardashian loves the Hyaluronic Acid Serum saying, “Dr. Barbara Sturm Hyaluronic Acid Serum is one of my favs, I use it day and night". Model Bella Hadid once said Dr Sturm was responsible for “changing her skin forever.”

Bella Hadid. Picture: Stephane Mahe/ Reuters

Actress and model Emily Ratajkowski praises the Dr. Barbara Sturm Facial Scrub, saying that the scrub is “exfoliating, but still moisturising”.

Actress and singer Jennifer Lopez cannot do without La Mer Crème de la Mer. It’s been reported that the pop icon slathers the stuff on from head to toe. La Mer has for the longest time been a favourite among a number of celebrities such as Blake Lively and Kate Hudson. The ultra-luxe, high-quality skincare product contains a sea kelp-derived “miracle broth”.

Jennifer Lopez. Picture: Mario Anzuoni/ Reuters