Cotton Fest Joburg's 2024 theme is about creating awareness of youth participating in elections

Cotton Festival, created by the late Riky Rick burst onto the scene in 2019. Picture: Instagram

Cotton Festival, created by the late Riky Rick burst onto the scene in 2019. Picture: Instagram

Published Feb 23, 2024


Cotton Festival returns, for the 5th edition in Johannesburg, to its home at the Old Park Station in Newtown on April 6.

Cotton Festival is a testament to Bianca Naidoo’s commitment to continue the legacy created by the late Riky Rick. Together, they championed collaboration across music, fashion, lifestyle, and sports culture.

This year's theme, #VoteCottonFest, goes beyond a festival; it's a dynamic lifestyle movement where attendees actively shape the culture through music, art, sport and lifestyle choices, celebrating the convergence of individuality.

Cast your votes for the new wave in youth culture, embracing diversity and inclusivity in every aspect of the festival. Engage in interactive elements and unique experiences that reflect the vibrant spirit of this years theme #VoteCottonFest.

Naidoo explained to IOL Entertainment that the choice of #VoteCottonFest, as the theme, stems from a commitment to educating and supporting the youth, which is something the late rapper was extremely passionate about.

President Cyril Ramaphosa announced that the 2024 general elections would be held on May 29, 2024 and the registration of the youth has been heavily promoted.

“We recognise the importance of youth participation in elections and the platform aims to amplify the significance of voting, empowering the youth to share their views and have their voice heard, because it matters.”

The University of Cotton Fest will always remain the base of the festival, Naidoo explains and the theme changes every year and is developed as a play on a particular university faculty department, activity or subject.

“Same as student body elections, we will bring this playful narrative across in various touch points on the day. The intention is emphasising the importance of our community’s voice, rather than endorsing specific candidates or parties.”

Naidoo acknowledges that the entertainment industry holds a vital role in advocating for youth voting.

“Through its influential platform, it can inspire and educate the younger generation on the impact of their voices in shaping the future. Youth can leverage their reach to encourage voter registration and participation.”

Cotton Festival, created by the late Riky Rick burst onto the scene in 2019 and over the years it has expanded to Cape Town and Durban, signifying its growth.

“We are grateful to be able to bring all Cotton Eaters the festival experience in a unique way,” says Naidoo.

“While we have been faced with challenges around logistics, regional preferences, and adapting to diverse audiences, the team has learned to be adaptable, tailoring the festival experience.”

Cotton Eaters can expect a line-up filled with Mzansi’s top acts and a celebration of individuality, expression and empowerment of young creatives.

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