Duck Chowles: The creative force shaping two decades of hit Barnyard shows!

Published Dec 8, 2023


For over two decades, The Barnyard Theatre has been a beacon of world-class entertainment, captivating audiences with performances that transcend the ordinary.

Behind the scenes and ensuring each show is a success, is the maestro himself—Duck Chowles.

The roots of The Barnyard Theatre concept extend back 28 years to 1996, when the first venue opened on a dairy farm just outside Plettenberg Bay. Visionaries Louis and Sybel Möller, laid the foundation for what would become a cultural phenomenon. Louis, co-founder and producer of renowned productions like Carte Blanche, and Sybel Coetzee, a seasoned actress and TV presenter, set the stage for the theater's success.

In 2003, a transformative collaboration unfolded as Louis Möller joined forces with Duck Chowles, a well-known South African musician with an impressive track record. Duck, the mastermind behind hit shows like "Roll Over Beethoven," brought exceptional talent and decades of industry experience to the partnership.

Duck Chowles' journey in the entertainment industry began at a young age. Not only did he operate a recording studio that aided aspiring talents, but he also lived a life as a performer. Duck, whose original stage name has become iconic, produced the first Barnyard show in 2003.

He has continued to be a driving force behind the scenes, contributing his creative brilliance to the production of over 110 shows. His wealth of experience and discerning eye for talent shapes the identity of each production, showcasing his status as a true musical genius.

Today, The Barnyard Theatre boasts five venues nationwide, each featuring a dedicated show, employing 60 of South Africa's top musicians. Beyond Duck’s role as a producer, Duck's recent portrayal of Mick Jagger at Tyger Valley Barnyard underscores his enduring passion for the stage.

His unique talent, coupled with industry knowledge, shapes The Barnyard Theatre's legacy of Exceptional Live Music Shows. Be sure to visit The Barnyard Theatre this holiday season to get a taste of this true musical brilliance.

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