Soweto Gospel Choir is venturing into dance music with Australian DJ Groove Terminator

Soweto Gospel Choir. Picture: Oupa Mokoena/Independent Newspaper

Soweto Gospel Choir. Picture: Oupa Mokoena/Independent Newspaper

Published Apr 17, 2024


The Soweto Gospel Choir has joined forces with Australian DJ Groove Terminator to release a house album that re-imagines classic tracks with a fresh and invigorating sound.

Groove Terminator, real name Simon Lewicki, recently opened up about his latest project, which he describes as a natural progression from his previous performances.

“It’s a natural evolution from the shows we have been performing together for the last few years,” says Groove Terminator.

“We wanted to inspire people with our takes on classic house songs that uplift them.”

Soweto Gospel Choir member Mary Mulovhedzi said they wanted to break new ground in music.

“We have seen the evolution of house music into what we know today as Amapiano. I personally still love old-school house music and being part of History of House with Groove Terminator is like living my childhood again,” she said.

The seminal dance classic, "Good Life" by Inner City, received an updated version that was released on March 29 crafted by a talented group of producers.

Mulovhedzi said “Good Life” is sung “in our language, isiZulu, and that just adds more flavour to my joy”.

In a statement, the talented producers Sii & Wijo known as Drumetic Boyz reveals that working together with a well-known brand, have given them the opportunity to share their distinct sound with a global audience while also honouring the deep cultural roots and soulful essence of South African gospel music.

“Collaborating with such an esteemed brand allowed us to contribute our unique sound to a global audience while embracing the rich heritage and spirit of South African gospel music,” says the Drumetic Boyz.

Namibian producer Devitchi also claimed that participating in the project helped broaden his sound adaptability.

“Working alongside these exceptional artists has been an enriching experience that has not only stretched my creative boundaries but also opened my eyes to the beauty of cultural exchange through music,” he says.

The second single was released on April 12 from the "History of House" project, a reimagining of Rozalia Miller's iconic dance track, "Everybody's Free."

In this version of "Everybody's Free," the Soweto Gospel Choir brings a fresh approach to the classic dance anthem, seamlessly blending Zulu lyrics and elements of South African culture.

With the Soweto Gospel Choir having previous collaborations with various known artists under their belt, their contributions to global musical history are a feather in Gallo Music’s legacy-preserving cap.

“Gallo is the longest running independent record label and music publisher in Africa, managing the largest catalogue of African masters in the world,” says GMI Legacy Manager Goodwill Nkuna.

“We’re home to some of Africa’s most loved legends, and we are proud to partner with Soweto Gospel Choir and Groove Terminator on their latest project.”