Nadia Nakai remembers AKA on his first death anniversary

Nadia Nakai and AKA. Picture: Facebook

Nadia Nakai and AKA. Picture: Facebook

Published Feb 10, 2024


It has been exactly one year since the award-winning South African rapper Kiernan Forbes, known as AKA, was gunned down in Durban.

The iconic musician was shot dead on February 10, 2023, outside the Wish Restaurant on Florida Road, Durban.

His close friend, entertainment entrepreneur, seasoned chef and celebrated author, Tebello “Tibz” Motsoane was also killed.

A year on since AKA’s murder, no arrests have been officially made, with his friends and family still awaiting justice. Police said on Saturday that some of the suspects linked to the AKA murder were already behind bars, while others were still at large.

Police said they were pursuing a prosecutor driven investigation.

Rapper and reality TV star Nadia Nakai has been grieving ever since and with several firsts being marked. On his 36th birthday, the first since his passing, Nakai released the first single ‘Never Leave’ from her upcoming album.

February 10 will never be the same for his at-the-time girlfriend, taking to Instagram, Nakai reflected on the day her life changed and how it feels like yesterday.

“I miss you sooooooo much! You just talking, you’re laugh even more.

“You were full of life! This is unfair. 💔 Please visit me in my dreams more,” she captioned a series of videos.

The ‘Not The Same’ hitmaker has been open with struggling with healing from the rapper’s death with her fans. Breaking her silence after the tragic shooting she wrote; “My Heart is shattered; this is not what our future was meant to look like.

“I can’t believe I said my final goodbye to you yesterday. I’ll never see you again for the rest of my lifetime? You loved me loud and proud; thank you, baby.

“Protected me, prayed for me, and inspired me. I find it hard to breathe, let alone find the words to explain how much I love you.”