Make A Date With Trash TV

Published May 11, 2017


If television is meant to be a means of escape from our real lives, why do we get so invested in reality TV shows? 

These shows are so trash, but at the same time so addictive that, like many, I find myself sitting through the night and early hours of the morning watching episode after episode after episode - suddenly reality TV dominates my programming schedules.

It’s like we live for their drama. We eat it, we breath it, and we share it amongst our friends and colleagues the very next day. 

Trash TV is definitely something we could live without, but luckily we don’t have to. 

Here’s a list of the most popular reality shows on TV right now.  

Little Women: Atlanta on Lifetime Channel 

The show is about dwarf size women with feisty personalities and power struggles among friends. We see them as they face daily challenges from being a little person in a big city like Atlanta.  The ladies featured on Little Women: Atlanta, include twins Amanda and Andrea, "Mama Bear" Ashley, Ms Juicy, Tanya, Sam, Monie and Tiffany. This season the women will continue to chase their dreams and embark on new ventures in their professional and personal lives, all while facing the challenges of living in an average-size world. Along the way, viewers will meet new friends including Atlanta newcomer, Samantha. As the girls struggle to navigate their relationships, new bonds are formed and old ties are broken. And even though some relationships may be damaged beyond repair, a shocking admission forces all of the girls to confront a new reality. There’s no telling whether or not these Little Women will be stronger together when the dust finally settles.

Bringing Up Ballers on Lifetime Channel 

New reality TV show "Bringing up Ballers" examines the relationships moms have with their basketball star kids, as well as the relationships the moms have with each other.

The docuseries featuring six savvy moms and entrepreneurs, connected by their sons, Chicago’s most elite youth basketball players. Anchored by Chicago businesswoman Peyton, these ladies will stop at nothing to ensure that their businesses are successful. Balancing it all

is no easy task, but these moms love to have a good time in between managing their growing businesses, attending meetings with college recruiters and going to their sons’ daily training practices and games. See how the ladies of Peyton’s Place stay on top of their sons’ coaches, fend off the advances of cheerleaders and keep their eyes on their biggest rivals.

Real Housewivies of Beverly Hills on Vuzu Amp

You have never been ready for so much shade and drama. Forming part of the Real Housewives franchise, Beverly Hills sees the glittering ladies go on extravagant trips, have outlandish  fun and unimaginable indiscretions.  Follow Erika Girardi, Lisa Vanderpump, Kyle Richards, Lisa Rinna and Eileen Davidson together with new housewife Dorit Kemsley and her friend Eden Sassoon in Season 7 as things heat up.

The show is also renewed for an eighth season. 

Geordie Shore on MTV

16 young men and women in one house, spend a summer experiencing the highs and lows of Newcastle-upon-Tyne's party scene. They also need to prove that they are radge as hell if they want stay at the party house. In typical Geordie Shore style, drama seems to follow them wherever they go. Newbies who have joined the show this season are 

Abbie Holborn, Billy Philips, Chelsea Barber, Elettra Lamborghini, Eve Shannon, Sam Bentham, Sarah Goodhart and Zahida Allen, who are all raring to go and are on a mission to prove they have what it takes to be the radgiest!

Seven Year Switch: US on Lifetime

Four couples at relationship crossroads after seven years of marriage participate in an innovative experiment of switch therapy. Each partner lives with a stranger for two weeks to help determine if different traits and characteristics in a mate could help strengthen their marriage. Two relationship experts will help guide the couples through the switch therapy process, as they adjust to living with an experimental spouse. Will their temporary partners be able to fill the void they’ve been yearning for, or will they discover that the grass isn’t always greener? At the end of the experiment, each of the married couples decide to either part ways and divorce, or reaffirm their commitment and renew their vows.


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