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Anolene Thangavelu Pillay is a Psychology Advisor. | Supplied

Anolene Thangavelu Pillay is a Psychology Advisor. | Supplied

Published Jun 9, 2024



Every so often, the solution to a problem is not to do more but to do less. This article explains why it’s important to focus your energy on the right aspects. By focusing on important aspects over unimportant ones, we can control our life experiences that either drain or radiate our energy.

Being clear about your choices and frequently evaluating how you spend your energy is key to fashioning a sunny state of mind. In doing so, your brain is rewired to naturally bring in positive energy when you start focusing on what matters the most and is within your control. Consider the check-in practice of looking through an energy lens that radiates energy into your thinking and whisks it up into a sunnier state of mind.

A sunshine mindset requires you to prioritise your inner life, accept what is, and not waste time. It’s about choosing not to fold the deck of cards when you’re dealt a bad hand but rather choosing to play your cards to the best of your abilities.

According to studies by the late behavioural geneticist, David Lykken, who viewed mental energy as the companion ingredient that transforms talent into genius. Mental energy is instrumental in setting the agenda for anything which is literally at the heart of everything we do.

Energy plays an important role in shaping our personality and accomplishment throughout our lifespan. Having more energy is something that many individuals wish for. Perhaps living in uncertain times, we experience difficulty in making sense of it, or maybe the cost of having a large cerebral cortex during an information overload age is simply the price we pay.

Can you recall the instances when you thought, “this is not worth the energy” during a conversation? We recognise how we carelessly spent our energy on an aspect that drained our energy. Other careless aspects include constantly thinking about past or future anxieties or drifting into spaces we cannot control.

Should we let go of our power to aspects we cannot control or should we conserve it and focus our energy on the aspects we can control? Being engaged in habits that don’t conserve energy is meaningless.

As you start to drift off, inquire about: What is causing you to drift off? Is it within your control? Does this aspect positively affect you? Or what steps are needed to follow a positive path? Indulging in good habits prevents the need to waste energy on mopping up the damage done by careless habits.

Over 10 000 individuals were asked by Tom Rath, who wrote ‘Are You Fully Charged?’, did you have a great deal of physical energy yesterday? Of which 11% answered they did, implying that 89% of individuals are using low energy levels.

We consider two approaches to this equation; either we can fill our energy tanks with more energy consistently or we can allocate our energy more strategically. What you choose to focus on in life becomes magnified, as energy will flow in the direction of your focus. The 21st century is arguably the most ideal time to achieve anything you set your mind to.

As you look back on the years, recognise that your reality has been shaped by what you have focused your energy on. Your reality would have been different if you had focused your energy on other aspects. Modernists propose that individuals should prioritise their energies adhering to the principle that life is determined by what they focus on and what they don’t.

Endless happiness is not guaranteed by life but being focused is always the next best thing. Why not focus your energy on what brings you the most happiness and avoid the destructive uncertainties of life?

Smart choices about where to focus and harness your energy determine the distinction between passing the time and time well spent. Negative energies, fears or distractions around you can be filtered out by you. Remaining true to the lessons, wisdom and knowledge led you to this point. The act of letting go of a past that hurt you can quickly transform your energy level.

By feeling the bottom of our feet against the earth, we can effectively redirect our focus and energy towards ourselves and the present moment. Our brains are designed to achieve anything we set our minds to. Recognise the hidden motives that motivate your thoughts, fears and self-sabotage patterns. Are their beliefs true or self-limiting?

The human experience is the manifestation of energy in a physical form. Our energetic frequency is reflected back to us in every aspect of our lives through life’s mirror. If energy can be utilised to transform and harness every aspect of our lives, why not use it to improve the speed of our manifestation in all aspects of life?

Anolene Thangavelu Pillay is a Psychology Advisor.

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