DJ Zinhle bemoans unemployable Mzansi youth. So we asked recruiters to weigh in

DJ Zinhle has bemoaned how a lot of young people in South Africa were unemployable due to a lack of skills and bad attitude.

DJ Zinhle has bemoaned how a lot of young people in South Africa were unemployable due to a lack of skills and bad attitude.

Published May 21, 2024


South African personality DJ Zinhle spoke about the pain of trying to fill jobs at her retail business, bemoaning how South African youth were not only unemployed, but that they were unemployable too because they lacked the right skills and the attitude to succeed.

DJ Zinhle, whose real name is Zinhle Jiyane, made the comments in a podcast.

She said that she was experiencing issues in finding the right people to work in her Emalahleni (Witbank), Mpumalanga store. Zinhle runs a retail business which sells hair products, accessories and watches.

“One thing about the South African youth, it is not that they are unemployed, a lot of them are unemployable. They don’t have the skill that is required, it bugs me how long it takes us to fill positions at Era. 

“To find the right person at our stores takes longer than it should in a country where there is so much unemployment. We are opening a store in Witbank, we are just looking for three people, it is impossible,” she said.

Now, is her statement true that South African youth cannot get a job because they don’t have the necessary skills? Yes, it is, according to a leading recruiter.

Sarah de Roos, who is a senior recruiter for Tech & Digital at REDi Recruitment, said a lack of skills can make the process of getting a job quite difficult.

De Roos said that employers often look for very specific skills and experience, and if candidates don't have them, they may struggle to find employment.

Across all sectors, there is a shortage of soft skills and technical skills that is making it hard for people to get a job.

“For example, basic digital skills like computer literacy are in short supply,” de Roos said.

“Strong communication and presentation abilities are also scarce. The ability to work well with others and interpersonal skills need continuous improvement, from entry-level roles to senior executives.”

According to Pnet, a job finder portal, there is a shortage of engineering specifically the civil/structural and electronic engineering skills.

There is also a financial skills shortage with actuarial management, external auditing, and taxation roles remain challenging to fill, although the trend is improving.Treasury skills are becoming scarcer.

Is bad attitude stopping you from getting a job?

Refiloe Molosi, a recruitment consultant at the REDi Holbourne Group said that a bad attitude or personality can impact employment chances.

“Employers value positive, adaptable, and professional candidates who fit well with their team culture and have a proactive and enthusiastic attitude,” Molosi said.

“Always be the best version of yourself, be authentic, and appreciate the opportunity given to you.”

According to Molosi, a negative attitude or personality can raise concerns about:

– Team dynamics: employers worry that a bad attitude might disrupt team harmony and productivity.

– Client interactions: a poor attitude can negatively impact client relationships and reputation.

– Adaptability: a rigid or resistant personality can make it difficult to adapt to new challenges and company changes.

Professional growth: a negative attitude can limit an individual's willingness to learn and grow within the organisation.

Leadership potential: a bad attitude can raise doubts about an individual's ability to lead or take on additional responsibilities.

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