Hisense is 2nd in Top TV Brand Worldwide 2023

Published Mar 4, 2024


Leading home appliance brand Hisense has been named Number 2 for Global TV Shipments for the second time.

Hisense won the title in 2022 - with a total of 24.5 million TVs shipped – and has now won it again for 2023.

Hisense shipped an incredible 26.11 million TVs last year, achieving 6.4% year-on-year growth.

The ranking was listed by leading market research institute Omdia, which added that Hisense experienced the fastest growth among the world’s top five TV brands over the last two years.

AVC Revo corroborated this claim, with the research institute stating that Hisense is the only brand among the top five TV brands which continued to grow its shipping numbers over the past six years.

This is a testament to the superior quality, excellent service, and competitive pricing that Hisense TVs offer, delivering top-notch entertainment experiences to homes across the world.

To continue its impressive growth trajectory, Hisense has expanded its globalisation strategy and now operates 34 industrial parks, 25 research and development centres, and 64 overseas companies.


Along its exciting journey to becoming an industry leader, Hisense has celebrated many milestones in 2023 that helped reach this Accomplishment – one of its most recent being the launch of its Premium Smart Range in South Africa.

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“This new range of products brings the latest advancements in home appliances to South Africans,” said Hisense South Africa Deputy General Manager Luna Nortje.

This new approach symbolizes their dedication to the latest advancements in home appliances and smart TVs and marks their vision for sustained excellence in the future.

Another milestone was the 10th-anniversary of its Hisense South Africa factory opening in Atlantis, Western Cape.

Launched in 2013, the factory has played a vital role in Hisense achieving its Global No.2 for TV shipments title, as TVs are one of the main products manufactured at this facility.

We highlight Hisense’s most popular TVs below.

Hisense U6K: The Hisense U6K TV range prioritises excellent quality at affordable prices. These TVs boast key technologies like Quantum Dot Colour and a 4K resolution - Click here to get it now.

Hisense U7K: Equipped with Mini-LED technology, the Hisense U7K range features incredible colours and clarity - Click here to get it now.

Hisense U8K: The U8K is one of Hisense’s top models, offering Mini-LED Pro technology, 1,500 nits brightness, and a 144Hz refresh rate - Click here to get it now.

Hisense 100L5H: The Hisense 100L5H is a 100-inch Laser TV that is the perfect centrepiece for your home and offers an exceptional viewing experience - Click here to get it now.

Hisense PX2-Pro: The PX2-Pro is one of Hisense’s range-topping Laser Cinemas, offering a display of between 90 inches and 130 inches, customizable to your preference! - Click here to get it now.

Hisense Cube C1: Having earned the title of The Best Mini Projector in South Africa, the Green and Cinematic Cube C1 sets a high standard for portable, high-quality viewing experiences. This Nifty projector displays a screen size that can stretch up to a whopping 300 inches.

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VIDAA OS Operating System

The last player for Hisense TV’s success is the VIDAA OS Operating System used by all Hisense TVs.

The VIDAA Operating System (OS) is the ultimate content hub and comes pre-installed on all Hisense Smart UHD TVs. It provides quick and seamless access to all your favourite apps, movies, series, sports, and much more.

Hisense has recently launched their VIDAA Banner on the VIDAA Platform, allowing companies to place their Brands, Products and Services in the Centre of Consumers homes.

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