After racking up years of experience, entrepreneur sparks idea to start her own electric business

Gloria Kente. Image: Supplied.

Gloria Kente. Image: Supplied.

Published Jan 18, 2024


After accumulating 14 years of work experience in the electrical industry, soon-to-be 50-year-old, Gloria Kente branched out into the field of entrepreneurship.

Kente’s 100% female-owned company, DMK Electrical, is based and operates in the Northern Cape, focusing on the supply, installation, and repair of electrical apparatus.

Kente said that her journey goes beyond business.

“It’s about empowerment, breaking gender barriers, and fostering diversity in a traditionally male-dominated industry,” she told Business Report.

Her company, established in February 2016, not only creates employment opportunities in the Greater John Taolo Gaetsewe District, but also stands as a beacon of professional administration in a region where such initiatives, especially led by previously disadvantaged members like females, are sparse.

What sets Kente apart is her commitment to affirmative action initiatives, particularly in developing female electricians and workers.

“This isn't just a business venture; it's a mission to inspire change and pave the way for a more inclusive industry,” she further said.

Kente's journey commenced at one of the country’s mining giants, Kumba Iron Ore, where she honed her skills over nine years as an electrician.

She says that this tenure not only enriched her technical proficiency but instilled a passion to bridge the gender gap in a traditionally male-dominated field.

Kente said that her company is a catalyst for change, with DMK Electrical creating invaluable employment opportunities for the Greater John Taolo Gaetsewe District.

Kente said that she focuses on nurturing and developing female electricians and workers, illuminating paths that were once obscured by societal norms.

“We are actively involved in promoting gender diversity and inclusivity within the field through our Affirmative Action Initiatives. We go beyond merely employing females; our commitment includes training and development programmes specifically designed for aspiring female electricians and workers. By focusing on skill development, mentorship, and empowerment, we aim to bridge the gender gap in traditionally male-dominated fields,” she said.

“Additionally, our dedication to Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment (BEE) is evident in our Level 1 Status. Being 100% Black Woman Owned reflects our commitment to providing opportunities and leadership roles for black women in the industry. This comprehensive approach ensures that females not only enter the field but thrive and contribute meaningfully, fostering a more inclusive and diverse work environment,” she added.

Having a staff complement of 15 people, Kente further said: “We are committed to providing comprehensive services across various sectors. Our expertise spans commercial, industrial, and private clients, encompassing government entities. We take pride in serving diverse establishments like shopping malls, schools, households, hospitals, Post Offices, banks, and construction companies. For residential contracts, we offer tailored solutions to households, ensuring a seamless and personalised experience.”