DJ Tira accuses musician of character assassination after ‘sexual allegations’ lodged against him

DJ Tira. Picture: Social media

DJ Tira. Picture: Social media

Published May 13, 2024


The ongoing spat between DJ Tira and the musician identified as Luke Ntombela seems to be far from over as more revelations continue to surface, embroiling the DJ in sexual allegations.

In a series of posts shared widely on social media, Ntombela demanded that the DJ come clean about blurry events that occurred in their apparent meeting where she realised she had a blackout.

In some of the screenshots of their alleged WhatsApp conversations, Ntombela is seen pleading to know what happened, further claiming that she was also touched inappropriately.

In one of the videos posted on her social media accounts, she also claimed that she did get an apology, but further threatened to open up about her ordeal on various platforms.

“I thought this was going to pass, but clearly it is far from being over because I won’t get the sincere apology that I was looking for. Yes, he did apologise, but he still needs to tell me what happened.”

The DJ said in some of the leaks that Ntombela’s music wasn’t powerful enough, which prevented it from becoming successful in terms of revenue.

Having gained traction on social media, DJ Tira has come out to rubbish the claims, calling them baseless and accusing Ntombela of character assassination.

In a legal letter shared, it is stated that the posts are causing serious and severe harm to DJ Tira's esteemed brand and reputation.

She was additionally ordered to retract her remarks within seven days, failing which legal action will be pursued.

“Our clients have advised us of the continuous assassination of their characters and brand perpetuated by your posts on various social media accounts of unfounded, baseless, and defamatory allegations against them. Such conduct from you is causing serious and severe harm to our clients’ esteemed brand and reputation.

“It is our further instruction that you were on the Ukhozi FM radio station and again made serious, baseless, and unfounded defamatory statements against our clients. It became apparent from the Ukhozi FM radio station interview that your allegations were devoid of substance and logic but full of malice and a desire to blackmail our clients into paying you money for undetermined reasons under the guise of our clients owing you some money for performing musical exercises.

“It is therefore our instruction to demand, as we hereby do, that you desist from this unlawful conduct of publishing and peddling these malicious and unfounded allegations against our clients. We further demand that you publish a retraction of such malicious and defamatory statements against our clients through the same social media you used to publish them. You must further conduct a radio interview through the same radio station, retract the interview you conducted, and offer an unconditional apology.

“Our instructions are that retractions should be done within seven days from the date herein, the failure of which will leave our clients without an option but to seek legal redress against your unlawful conduct, to protect our clients’ brand.”

While Ntombela has shared the legal document on her Instagram account, her other posts – including her appearance on Ukhozi FM – remain available despite the order to withdraw her words.