WATCH: Pearl Thusi gets braids with wooden beads and she feels like a walking musical instrument

Pearl Thusi. Picture: Instagram

Pearl Thusi. Picture: Instagram

Published Mar 22, 2024


Beauty comes at a price and Pearl Thusi is reaping what she sowed by not doing proper research.

The media personality got fulani braids with thick wooden beads, and she may be questioning her choice.

While she loves her new hairstyle, she is concerned that she cannot do anything without the braids making a sound.

“I do not have any regrets about this hair, none. But tell me, why do I sound like a walking music instrument?” she said in an Instagram video.

And while it’s a shame that she cannot serve in silence, her followers were onto something when they said she must go to the studio and see if she can’t cook a song with her new braids.

“Need to go to (the) studio and make you shake them,” said local rapper Maglera Doe Boy.

Some of the ladies like Pamela Mtanga, who have done the braids, said they couldn’t stand the noise and took them out.

“I had braids with beads, and I took them out two days later. The clicking and clacking, I khant (couldn’t),” said Mtanga.

Award-winning film and TV producer Lungelwa Hela said: “I had braids like this a month ago, loooved (loved) the idea, loooved (loved) the look. I couldn’t stand them. Took them off in 5 days, which was waaayy (way) too long in itself.”

So, before you get braids with wooden beads, be prepared for the noise, and if you know you won’t stand it, go for plastic beads instead.