WATCH: Ayanda Thabethe walks the Miss Supranational stage with grace and poise

Ayanda Thabethe.

Ayanda Thabethe.

Published Jul 12, 2023


Mzansi is rooting for Miss South Africa 2022 runner-up Ayanda Thabethe to be the next Miss Supranational.

Thabethe is representing South Africa at the 14th edition of Miss Supranational 2023 in Nowy Sącz, Poland.

The University of KwaZulu-Natal graduate participated in the Miss Supranational prelim round on Tuesday and the crowd loved her.

She won one of the top five Miss Supranational slots after giving brilliant answers during the finals of #suprachat 2023, along with Canada, India, Peru and the Philippines.

One of the best answers she gave was about an important method of communication, besides language, that she uses in her life. Thabethe said: “I think it’s how we show love. My love language is showering people with gifts. I also reciprocate feelings when someone shows me love.”

The Pietermaritzburg-born star also looked every inch gorgeous in all her outfits. From the swimming costume to the evening gowns, she slayed all her looks.

Our favourite was the jaw-dropping turquoise gown resembling a beautiful body of water surrounding South Africa.

Her designer, Juan Visser, of the brand Juan William Aria, said the gown was inspired by the beautiful KZN coastline and its bright ocean waters.

“Ayanda feels spiritually connected to water, so we knew we needed to draw inspiration from water as it was so close to her heart. In both gowns, we played a lot with transparency and contrast.

When Ayanda walked in the turquoise gown, we achieved the effect of crashing ocean waves. Our main goal with both the gowns was to be daring, bold and, most importantly, impactful,” said Visser.

People rallying behind Thabethe were impressed by her walk on the Miss Supranational stage and how she carried herself. By watching the videos posted on the Miss South Africa Instagram page, you could feel Thabethe’s stage presence.

“Damn, I'm still processing the part where she steps back while maintaining eye contact, okay 🔥😍😍😍,” commented @Lucia Choga.

Another Instagram user @xmdunge said: “This is what we need to do also when sending a delegate to Miss Universe, Ayanda's catwalk is insane ❤️🙌🔥🔥🔥. Love everything about this.”

Thabethe will walk the Miss Supranational stage again on Friday, July 14, for the grand finale taking place at the Strzelecki Park Amphitheatre.

She stands a chance to be the next Miss Supranational, which would be a major win for South Africa because that would mean being crowned by her home girl Lalela Mswane – first black woman to win Miss Supranational (2022).