South African brand Excelsior Lusso launches its latest collection in Paris



Published May 28, 2024


South African fashion brand Excelsior Lusso made the nation proud as it showcased its latest collection, “S’hlo bo Sam”, at Unesco Africa Fashion Week in Paris, France. The fashion show, on May 24, was also part of the brand’s Africa Day celebration.

To honour the invitation, Mac Mashilo, the brand’s creative director, showcased a collection of premium woman'’ fashion infused with African influences, with winter colours like brown and black taking centre stage.

A gown by Excelsior Lusso. Picture: Supplied.

“Through the fusion of various cultures utilising textures, fabrics, colours, patterns and personalities, a parallel can be drawn to the unity found in marriage,” said Mashilo.

“This journey of discovery and exploration elevates garments beyond fabric and stitching, transforming them into a platform for individual expression that showcases the wearer's distinct character and heritage.

“This is a lively and ever-evolving fusion that allows South Africans to honour their identity while embracing the beauty and diversity of their multicultural nation.”

Excelsior Lusso designs. Picture: Supplied.

Established in 2021, Excelsior Lusso is a fashion brand specialising in haute couture, bespoke tailoring, ready-to-wear and fashion content consulting.

“Our distinct blend of local expertise and global perspective is influenced by African fashion, setting us apart in the industry.

“With extensive experience in organising prestigious fashion shows, our primary goal is to empower our clients to shape their image and increase their presence daily,” Mashilo said.

Excelsior Lusso designs. Picture: Supplied.