Puma launches new collection with Palomo Spain

Behind the scenes of the Puma x Palomo shoot. Picture: Instagram

Behind the scenes of the Puma x Palomo shoot. Picture: Instagram

Published May 20, 2024


The ’70s and ’80s fashion is back in full swing as Puma launches its sporty shoe game in its latest genderless collection with fashion label Palomo Spain.

Owned by Alejandro Gómez Palomo, Palomo Fashion is known for its genderless fashion that breaks the stereotypes of who should wear what.

In their collection with the global brand, Palomo Fashion brings back the classic Puma Palermo sneaker and a Nitefox loafer.

“The latest Puma x Palomo collab draws inspiration from the early ’80s roller skate scene, and these Nitefox loafers go all out for your pre-skate look. It’s complete with a cashmere suede upper, plenty of tassles, and a giant buckle on the top, so you’ll look fly at the rink,” read a statement from the brand.

The new Puma x Palomo. Picture: Instagram

Gómez is excited about the collection as it not only rewrites the rules of ’80s court sports but it also promotes queer empowerment.

“I’m really excited about the knitwear. I love a white look. I think you can look like the smartest and most elegant version of yourself when you’re fully dressed in white. The long pants and long-sleeved knitted tracksuit are delicious,” said the designer.

The collection is proof that sports fashion is making a huge comeback as everyday wear.

This trends not only benefits sports stars who are fashionable but also ordinary people who are sports fanatics with good taste in fashion.

In other news, Palomo Fashion also launched its Spring/Summer 2024 collection titled “Cruising In The Rose Garden”, which sees queer people celebrating themselves in extraordinary garments such as lace thin bras, camp corsets, bermuda pants, spiral denim pants and ass-air shorts.