LOOK: Gert Johan-Coetzee creates a jaw-dropping 3D gown for former Miss Universe R’Bonney Gabriel

R'Bonney Gabriel in Gert Johan-Coetzee. Picture: Instagram.

R'Bonney Gabriel in Gert Johan-Coetzee. Picture: Instagram.

Published Nov 23, 2023


Former Miss Universe Miss Universe, R’Bonney Gabriel is still the talk of the town following the dress she wore on her last day as Miss Universe.

Gabriel dazzled in a 3D print mermaid-like dress, and the designer behind it is none other than South African fashion designer Gert Johan-Coetzee.

Gabriel, who is a designer herself, chose Johan-Coetzee to create the masterpiece for her last walk as Miss Universe because she knew she could trust him to bring her vision to life.

Crafted with the visionary use of 3D printing technology, this awe-inspiring dress embodies the essence of a formidable warrior, symbolising the unwavering strength and resilience of women worldwide.

“Women are the guardians of strength, embodying an unwavering resolve that uplifts and protects,” said Coetzee.

“This dress pays tribute to their courage and resilience, celebrating the inherent power within each woman to create an impact and inspire change.”

The dress that took 530 hours to make, was adorned with over 3000 Swarovski crystals.

Johan-Coetzee started doing 3D dresses in April 2023 when he launched his first-ever Artificial Intelligence regenerated collection.

“Gert-Johan Coetzee latest collection is a beautiful fusion of technology and art,” he explained at the time.

“By using artificial intelligence and unique brush strokes, it has created garments that are not only eye-catching but also convey a deeper message about individuality and self-expression.”

The designer added that this collection is a bold statement that “celebrates diversity and inspires us to embrace our own unique qualities, through pushing the boundaries of fashion.”

Meanwhile, Gabriel thanked all those who has made her Miss Universe journey a success.

“I close out my reign with a heart full of joy and immense gratitude,” the former Miss Universe wrote on Instagram.

“From day 1 of training to completing my reign, I experienced how your life can really transform if you invest in being the highest form of yourself every single day.”

“The Universe helped me unlock my wildest dreams and gave me the greatest opportunity to make an impact through my lifelong passion of arts and design. Our personal gifts and talents must be contributed back into this world, and I thank this organisation for making this possible,” she added.

Her followers wished her well as she continues her journey as an eco-friendly designer.

“I know I have said it many times, but you handled yourself with grace through an incredibly tumultuous year. Knowing what you were dealing with as Miss USA, no one would have blamed you if you fell apart at Miss Universe. Instead, you came in focused, pushed aside the naysayers, and did your best. That’s why you became Miss Universe, and everyone should take that lesson in perseverance from you. Enjoy your well-deserved holiday, and looking forward to both of us connecting in our new ‘civilian’ lives. Wishing you nothing but the best!” commented @realpaulashugart.