Kylie Jenner causes searches for ‘pink hair dye’ to skyrocket after her new hairstyle goes viral

Kylie Jenner sets social media ablaze with her new pink hair. Picture: Instagram

Kylie Jenner sets social media ablaze with her new pink hair. Picture: Instagram

Published Jan 18, 2024


Just hours after Kylie Jenner revealed her new pink hair on social media this week, searches for hair dye in the shade skyrocketed exponentially worldwide.

This is according to research conducted by beauty and wellness marketplace Fresha, which found that online searches for “pink hair dye” spiked by a whopping 1,443% across the world, when the reality star and businesswoman revealed her new look on TikTok and Instagram.

In order to come to this finding, Fresha experts analysed Google search and trends data.

Kylie Jenner sets social media ablaze with her new pink hair. Picture: Instagram

Meanwhile, Jenner’s TikTok video, in which she debuted her new pink-hair look, has since surpassed 3.4 million likes and over 12.7 million views in just 15 hours.

In addition, her first Instagram post in which she revealed her look had nearly nine million likes by Thursday morning.

In this post, the first in a three-photo collection, Jenner captioned it: “hiiiii remember me” in a nod to her younger self.

And while Jenner’s fans praised her new look, they also suggested that her pink hair has seen the return of her in her “King Kylie” era.

This is in reference to a period between 2015 and 2017 when the reality star and business mogul had fans glued to their phones as they eagerly awaited her next iconic upload onto social media.

During this time, particularly during 2015, Jenner would often sport different coloured hair, cementing her status as arguably one of the most influential women in beauty and fashion.

Whether it be dip-dyed blue hair or an icy pink bob, she hasn’t shied away from colourful hair and has caused millions to follow in her footsteps.

Meanwhile, Fresha experts added that online searches for “Kylie Jenner pink hair” have seen a startling increase worldwide.

“This proves that Kylie stans are keen to know everything about the star's recent new look, alongside a keenness to grab some photos of the new do to show their hairdressers and stylists.”

A spokesperson from the beauty and wellness marketplace added that Jenner has never been shy when it comes to her hair and certainly uses it as a form of expression, which seems to be sparking others to follow in her footsteps.

“This form of expression through colour is known as dopamine beauty, and it can work wonders for positively impacting our emotions and feelings.

“The impact that celebrities such as Kylie Jenner have is sensational, and the influence Kylie has on her younger fans will also help to shape them and aid them into becoming creative and expressive in their own way, just as she does,” said the spokesperson.