Fashion trends of the ’90s and early 2000s are back with a bang

Nkuley Masemola is up to date with the latest trends. Picture: Instagram.

Nkuley Masemola is up to date with the latest trends. Picture: Instagram.

Published Oct 5, 2023


As you know, fashion doesn’t change much, it evolves. The trends that are currently booming are not particularly new, they have been around for some time and are back in full swing.

Trends making waves globally are the ’90s and the 2K trends. If you’re active on TikTok, you have probably seen the make-up look trend where people mimic their favourite Nollywood stars from the early 2000s.

With fashion, we’ve seen the clothes that were popular in the early 2000s and who was wearing them, the ’90s babies.

Some of the biggest fashion comebacks this season are pleated mini skirts, V-shaped cropped tops, midi denim skirts, wide-leg jeans, baggy jeans and under-arm bags.

Pleated mini skirts

During 2017-2019, midi pleated skirts were the in thing. Popular designers like Rich Mnisi and Mmuso Maxwell made sure those knife pleat skirts were part of their collections.

However, now that Gen Z are in their prime, the mini skirt, popular in early 2000s is back with a bang. I remember in 2004, I had such a skirt in denim and would pair it with a tennis T-shirt.

Uncle Waffles in a pleated mini skirt. Picture: Instagram.

V-shaped cropped tops

In the late ’90s and early 2000s, cropped tops were known as skin tops, simply because they show skin. However, as the trend evolved, the new word “cropped top” emerged. #

V-shaped cropped tops are back, and one of our favourite celebrities rocking the 2000s fashion is Uncle Waffles. Whether it’s the skirt, the denim or accessories, she always gets it right.

Nkuley Masemola looking like a 2k baddie. Picture: Instagram.

Maxi denim skirt

In the early 2000s, my sisters never bought that skirt, they made it, using a pair of jeans. Now you find them in retailers like The Fix and Mr Price, the only difference is that the current ones mostly have front slits, while back then, they didn’t.

These skirts are best worn with the V-shaped cropped tops as they are usually high waisted.

Maxi denim skirt. Picture: Instagram.

Baggy jeans

The time for skinny jeans is over because baggy jeans are here to stay. It is one trend that always squeezes itself in.

Because people are now into more comfortable clothes, and we all know how uncomfortable skinny jeans are, baggy jeans have taken the spotlight because they are stylish and comfortable.

However, what’s on trend are not your usual baggy jeans. This season, it’s the multilayered variety made from off-cuts.

Thanks to sustainability, we now turn “waste” into trends.

Uncle Waffles in multilayered baggy jeans. Picture: Uncle Smith.

Wide-leg jeans

For the ladies, wide-leg jeans are trending. What I like about them is that they accommodate almost everyone, giving the body that desired sculptured shape.

I like to pair them with a corset and heels to make sure they get the full display, remaining the centre of attention.

Under-arm bag

Remember in 2019 when crossbags were big? Well, under-arm cross bags have returned, and crossbags are now in the back seat.

Just like in the ’late 90s and early 2000s, the girls don’t carry this bag on their hands, they put it under their arms for that 2k baddie look.

Sport sunglasses

Just because they are called “sport sunglasses” doesn’t mean you only wear them when playing sports. The fashionistas know that these sunglasses are trendy and can be worn with any look, including formal, especially suits, for a more sophisticated look.

So, if you have an older sister who was a baddie in the early 2000s, now is the time to raid their wardrobe and create stylish looks that are on top of the trends.