Child-friendly, protective hairstyles for your children

Sbahle Mzizi is always wearing cute hairstyles. Picture: Instagram.

Sbahle Mzizi is always wearing cute hairstyles. Picture: Instagram.

Published Mar 7, 2024


It’s almost the Easter holidays when most schools will be closed, meaning your bundles of joy will want new, cool hairstyles.

Obviously, parents must oblige but make sure you pick child-friendly hairstyles because some are not good for children since they can cause retention on the scalp.

As such, here is a list of hairstyles to consider this season.

Freehand cornrows

This traditional hairstyle is great for children because it keeps their hair neat and promotes hair growth.

You must moisturise the scalp between the lines, brush it with a soft brush (if needed), and ensure your child covers it with a silk bonnet when going to bed.

The cherry on top is this hairstyle is usually cheap.


Straight-up is best done using hair pieces so that you can add colourful beads on the ends for that extra flair; most children like that.

Cute straight-up. Picture: Instagram.


If you want to give your child’s hair a break from plaiting, it’s best to tie their hair in side-buns. This hairstyle works best on long, full hair. That way, your child will still be able to play freely without their hair getting in the way.

Short hair

You can never go wrong with this hairstyle. It’s best for those children who don’t want to comb their hair, play in sand that ends up in their hair or those with scalp conditions. It is easy to maintain, cheap and efficient.

Box braids

Thick box braids are great for children because not only do they keep their hair neat, they are also easy and quick to do compared to other braids like twists, which may take a while.

And we all know how impatient toddlers can be, so you don’t want your child sitting on the salon chair for hours until they become restless.

Box braids are great for children. Picture: Instgram.

Pro tip: Even when wearing protective hairstyles, make sure you moisturise your child’s hair.

And most importantly, do not tie their hair too tight. Always make every hairstyle a bit loose to allow blood circulation to the scalp.