American mom dragged for making her baby wear a wig

A factory worker styles a wig. Picture: File

A factory worker styles a wig. Picture: File

Published Feb 5, 2024


Being a girl mom is fun because you have a little best friend to play dress-up with, style their hair and take cute pictures. However, the reality is that not every child is born with hair.

Some babies are bald and only grow hair when they are older, and that’s okay.

Even when your child doesn’t have hair, it’s okay to put a hair band on their head so they look cute. What’s not okay is putting a wig on a toddler.

An American mom was dragged on Instagram for putting a wig on her child, who is under two. She went to the famous wig salon “Elfin Hair” and asked for a wig with two side buns.

The hair stylists at the salon obliged and while they may have thought it was cute, most people didn’t agree.

“I think the baby was fine with the hair she already had on her head, she didn't need that, just let her be the beautiful baby she is,” said @trinajackson16.

What got people agitated was the fact that the child was too young, she was still in nappies and sucking on a dummy – not the age to be wearing wigs.

“That looks so dumb, plus that's too heavy for a child,” commented @luveniapricex

However, others came to the mother’s defence, saying it could be that the baby was going for a photo shoot or something, hence the wig.

“Unpopular opinion: maybe this is for a photo shoot, and mom wanted a girlier style… it’s cute, and no glue on the real hair, so I’m not seeing a problem. I’m sure she’s not having it in for a month,” said @_blasia_mk.

Even if that was the case (which it probably wasn’t), things like this contribute to the insecurities many black women have about their hair.

If the parents of millennials didn’t put cream relaxers on their children’s hair, more black women would be embracing their hair. And not that they aren’t, but some lack the confidence to wear their hair natural, and that child may also grow up like that.

Parents are responsible for teaching their children to embrace their natural hair instead of covering it with wigs.