Nkosazana Daughter issues statement on Mozambique gig no-show

Nkosazana Daughter show got cancelled due to a team member falling ill. Picture: INSTAGRAM

Nkosazana Daughter show got cancelled due to a team member falling ill. Picture: INSTAGRAM

Published Jun 3, 2024


In a statement released on Sunday, South African singer Nkosazana Daughter, expressed regret for her absence from a highly anticipated event in Tete, Mozambique.

The cancellation of her performance at Horizonte Lodge on June 1, 2024, was attributed to unforeseen circumstances beyond her control.

Nkosazana Daughter Productions announced the cancellation, citing the inability of one of their team members to attend due to illness.

The singer emphasised that the importance of prioritising the health and safety of their entire team, had led to the decision to cancel the performance.

"We understand the disappointment this news brings to our fans who were looking forward to an evening of music and entertainment.“

Daughter expressed gratitude to Master KG and his team for stepping in to fill the gap at the gig.

"We would like to thank Master KG and his team for standing in for Nkosazana Daughter," she said, highlighting the importance of solidarity within the music community.

Furthermore, Daughter assured her fans that they were trying to reschedule the performance. She promised to provide updates promptly, reaffirming her commitment to making up for her absence and delivering an unforgettable experience for her audience.

Some fans were extremely livid by the no-show.

@fredybivar commented: “Sometimes it's better to shut the fu** up, instead of talking sh**. I bought the ticket in April for the VIP area, I've been waiting for this show since 2020, I hadn't consumed alcohol for 1 year and six months I decided to drink again that day because I wanted to enjoy the show in the happiest way possible, at least you should have more empathy with the fans, and how you have the courage to publish a note dated June 1, 2024 on June 2, 2024 at night, you should have a little more respect for people, until yesterday I thought you had no fault and it was only the promoters' fault, but after that fu**** publication you made it seem like you don't care about your us.”

@alex_taibo also commented: “What a disease that nothing, why didn't they announce it before all this? Did you expect to see all that bussalism and half a turn comes with talk of rewarding the people of Tete? Did you think carefully before writing this?”

Meanwhile, sis wasted no time in moving on from the setback.

Shortly after releasing the statement, she delighted her followers by posting a video of herself looking absolutely stunning in a white dress. Or was it lingerie? Its hard to tell the difference these days.