MacG's no-sympathy stance on J Molley’s suicide note draws mixed reactions

Podcaster MacG. Picture: X

Podcaster MacG. Picture: X

Published Jun 4, 2024


South African rapper J Molley, whose real name is Jesse Mollett, sent shockwaves through his fanbase with a distressing suicide note posted on Twitter last week.

On May 30, J Molley went live on Instagram consuming a substance. His alarming message read: “I’ll Be Dead In 30 Minutes. It’s Already Done. No One Knows Where I Am & Nobody Can Save Me. No One Cares Though. Bye Guys.”

The live broadcast and the note immediately prompted concern and outcry from his followers. Some were deeply worried about his well-being, while others accused him of “emotional manipulation” and seeking attention in a harmful way.

Prominent figures in the music industry, including rapper Rouge, and many fans pleaded with J Molley to reconsider.

Fortunately, reports stated that J Molley was rescued shortly after the incident, alleviating some of the immediate fears for his life.

Podcaster MacG, known for his candid opinions on “Podcast and Chill”, commented: “I have NO sympathy for people like J Molley. Do you know how many people wish to still be alive, and you want to play with life like that? ‘I’m killing myself,’ fcvk outta here.”

@breezerm85 commented: “Same here I don’t have sympathy for that especially if it is motivated by drugs.”

@Siga07160980 said: “Although seems cold but he is right.”

— Ceega (@Siga07160980) June 4, 2024

@yes_i_win also commented: “This podcast is slowly becoming toxic! I really love these dudes but I agree sometimes they gotta think before they speak!”

@losGringoLoco also wrote: “This is ignorant. Drugs are an escape. Life is hard. Depression is real. Not everyone has the courage to storm it out. They are not unserious people. They took drugs because they were down bad and now they are slaves of addiction.”