DJ Ankletap opens up about mental health struggles

DJ Ankletap opens up about his mental health. Picture: Instagram.

DJ Ankletap opens up about his mental health. Picture: Instagram.

Published Jun 18, 2024


ANKLETAP, known for his upbeat radio persona, revealed his personal battle with depression following a difficult period in his life.

After going through a divorce and losing his relationship with Metro FM host Candice Kadesh, he found himself contemplating suicide.

In an interview with “Podcast and Chill", he said: ”I thought about ending my life. But I’m this happy guy on radio, this funny Malume Pompo, yet at home, I felt like ending it all.“

Recalling his darkest moments, Ankletap shared how he spent a month searching his house for a place to hang himself, even going as far as buying a rope and testing it in his garage.

"This failed attempt cost me R11 000. I ripped the garage door. In that moment, I sat and cried for maybe three or four hours. I sat on that floor with my broken garage around me and I sobbed. I realised I needed help."

Ankletap also spoke candidly about the devastating impact of losing close friends in the entertainment industry to suicide, including HHP, Riky Rick and others.

“So many people around me, especially in showbiz, don’t talk about their mental health,” he said.

The recent publicised struggle of J Molley, who openly discussed his suicidal thoughts on Instagram Live, struck a chord with Ankletap.

He condemned accusations that such revelations were for publicity, emphasising the severity of J Molly’s ongoing battle.

“It’s utterly vile and ignorant to accuse me of such a thing,” J Molly stated. “I have attempted suicide 200 times. Did I publicise that before? No.”

Ankletap expressed relief that J Molly sought help and survived, highlighting the importance of supporting those struggling with mental health issues.

Meanwhile, J Molley clapped back at accusations that he was about to receive “features of sympathy”.

He responded: “Got The Blxckie Feature Last Year, Maglera Feature Long Ago, Big Xhosa Feature Earlier This Year, Sho Madjozi Feature Long Ago, Shekinah Feature Long Ago, Blaq Bonez Feature Long Ago, Ckay Feature Long Ago.

“The List Goes On…. Plus I Already Have A Hit With Emtee That Came Out Long Ago Too 🙏🏼❤️🥷🏽😤.”

He continued: “Been In Studio With Cassper Many Times, AKA Too. I Been Loved By The Industry. I Ain’t No Gimmick. Watch What’s About To Happen. Even I’m Scared 😭”

— Yishai (@Jmolleyofficial) June 11, 2024