Anele Zondo announces pregnancy and ‘VUKA’ album drop

Anele Zondo announced her pregnancy on Instagram. Picture: INSTAGRAM

Anele Zondo announced her pregnancy on Instagram. Picture: INSTAGRAM

Published May 24, 2024


Anele Zondo has shared her joy over her impending motherhood and flourishing music career.

In the photo, the rapper dazzles in a stunning fusion of cultural and contemporary attire, flaunting her glowing skin and blossoming pregnancy.

Always a trendsetter, Zondo didn’t disappoint with her bold fashion choice for the announcement shoot, outshining even Barbie herself in a fabulous pink ensemble.

Could this be a subtle hint at a baby girl on the way? We’ll see.

Expressing her excitement and gratitude in the caption, Zondo wrote: "Giving life 💕… To two things that I’m in love with. One, the biggest and best blessing that takes human form – a legacy, a lifeline. I’m so grateful.

“Two, my music – I’ve poured my entire existence, energy, and being into my VUKA EP. It’s not just about the words but the feeling of awakening.”

In an interview with IOL Lifestyle, she said: “I dug into my Zulu roots, my love for hip hop and merged the two. I’ve been in the industry for seven years and I’m at a point where I am awake, self-aware and ready for the next phase of my career…. And life.”

“I’m both nervous and excited. I can’t wait for my audience and fans to ride with me. I’m going into my 30s with the greatest gifts of all…my Bae-be and my EP,” she added.

Her announcement couldn't have come at a better time, dropping right with her new EP, “VUKA”.

This EP is already making waves with its hot first track “Itching”. She’s teamed up with artists like Maglera Doe Boy, Roiii, SuperCye and Sauwcy.

With eight tracks full of energy and passion, “VUKA” is definitely something you need on your Spotify playlist. Especially when you know you need to “Wake up!”

@hlonitheelixir wrote: “Anele Zondo is pregnant?? She looks soo cute still”

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@bhuddah_b2 wrote: “Anele Zondo?! All the good ones are gone umuntu usele nani 😔.”

@strawberryrhode also wrote: “Ney is pregnant 🥹 our very own Anele Zondo.”

While @ShamiSibisi wrote: “So the men are upset that Anele Zondo is pregnant 🤣?”

— Shami (@ShamiSibisi) May 23, 2024