WATCH: The look of horror on fan’s face as she accidentally hits Rachel Kolisi with rugby ball

Rachel Kolisi. Picture: Instagram

Rachel Kolisi. Picture: Instagram

Published Nov 6, 2023


Fans came out in their thousands on Friday to wave the Springboks on as they showed off the Web Ellis trophy while on their victory tour of Cape Town.

And while the event may have ended in a rousing success, there were certainly a few bloopers along the way.

Thankfully, the person on the receiving end managed to take it like a champ.

One very excited fan standing on the sidelines thought she could try her luck and threw her rugby ball at the open-top Springboks tour bus.

Her intention was for captain Siya Kolisi to catch it, sign the ball and throw it back at her.

Unfortunately, it didn’t play out as planned.

Instead of Kolisi catching the ball, he missed and it hit his wife Rachel Kolisi on the head.

The look on the fan’s face showed object horror. Obviously, it was an accident, but someone got the money shot, including Kolisi’s reaction.

The video, which was shared by Rugby Pass on Instagram, caught the attention of the couple, with Rachel even resharing the video on her Instagram Stories.

Rugby Pass assured fans and that "Rachel was okay, everyone,“ to which she responded: ”You know when you trip in fall in public and you really hope no one saw it 😂 it was a great throw.“

Always the one to have the last word, especially when it comes to his wife, Kolisi wrote: “I should’ve caught ! Perfect throw! But @rachelkolisi should always be expecting the ball 😂 that’s why my school coach always told me.”

Fans were quick to hit the like button and comment on the funny accident.

“Can we protect the First Lady please…,” pleaded an online user. Another joked: “Nah. Siya's face makes this more funny."

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