Listen: South Africa’s pension system improves in world rankings, but has a long way to go

Published Nov 24, 2022


This week the 14th annual Mercer CFA Institute Global Pension Index - MCGPI - for short was released, which is a comprehensive study of 44 global pension systems, accounting for 65 percent of the world’s population.

The benchmark rates retirement income systems around the world, highlighting some shortcomings in each system, and suggests possible areas of reform that would help provide more adequate and sustainable retirement benefits.

South Africa’s pension system ranked 34th out of 44 retirement systems reviewed.

The SA retirement income system was benchmarked against global peers across three key areas of focus: adequacy, sustainability, and integrity.

My guest today is Belinda Sullivan, head of corporate consulting strategy at Alexforbes, and Mercer’s strategic partner in Africa.

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