Youth Month: Aldora Chindombe on the success of her haircare range

Aldora Chindombe. Picture: Supplied

Aldora Chindombe. Picture: Supplied

Published Jun 16, 2023


“Your age does not limit your success” is what Alfros haircare founder Aldora Chindombe has to say to the youth of today.

This 22-year businesswoman started her haircare company when she was just 17 years old.

I spoke to the determined young woman about her flourishing business.

Chindombe said that it was her own hair struggles that led her to create her first product.

Aldora Chindombe. Picture: Supplied

“As a young girl with 4c hair, I always struggled to find products that were easily absorbed by my hair. And that allowed my hair to retain length,” she says.

“With that, I decided to investigate ingredients that have been used for decades and even centuries by different tribes around the world to grow and keep their hair moisturised.

“At first, I used those same ingredients to formulate products for my own use, but as people started noticing the rapid results on my hair and asking what I used, I was motivated to start my own brand to help others overcome the hair issues I once faced.”

Her first product was Chebe butter. The product is infused with Chebe powder from the Chadian tribe called Basara.

Chebe butter. Picture: Supplied

“After I had thoroughly done my research, I began formulating our Chebe butter from home, with a mixture of different natural ingredients, including essential oils. This formula was later used as the base for our new and improved Chebe butter formula,” says the young woman.

When Chindombe started her business, she was still in high school. However, she is currently in her third year at university studying dietetics.

“I chose this course because apart from hair, I've always been very passionate about the impact of food on our overall health and wellbeing,” she says about her studies.

As June is Youth Month, I asked Chindombe if she had any words of wisdom for our youth and specifically for young women wanting to start their own business.

“For our young generation, my message is: focus on your inner voice, that fire that burns every time you imagine your future self and the goals that you want to achieve. Strive for it, as your age does not limit your success.”

“Do not let outside distractions and negative opinions of others demolish your dreams as anything is possible. The key to success is vision, making a plan, focusing on your plan, staying consistent and having discipline.”

“For our young women, I am aware of how challenging it is to overcome societal obstacles, but I also know how strong and determined we can be. With that, I want you to believe in your dreams and go after them, as your future lies in no one else's hands but yours!” she encourages.

On the key to the success of her business, she had this to say: “The secret to my success is persistence and constantly seeking more knowledge. I have always strived to seek knowledge from the ones that have taken the road before me, as it helps to avoid a lot of mistakes, be it from reading books, watching podcasts or listening to people with more experience, and all of that has helped me persist in the right direction.”

Chindombe recently signed contracts with major retailers such as Clicks and Faithful To Nature to supply her hair care range.

We asked what her future plans for her brand were.

“Our future plan is to have Alfros available on various platforms in order to give everyone the ability to purchase products that are affordable, effective, organic and most important of all, products that originate from different tribes around the world, as these ingredients have been used by ancient tribes and have proven to work for all hair types.

While the Chebe butter was their first product, it’s the Mupeque oil that’s currently their best seller. “It has quickly gained its way into our client's hearts due to its rapid results,” she adds.

Mupeque oil. Picture: Supplied

Other products include a Violet Rice Moisturising Shampoo and treatment as well as a Hemp balm.

Alfros is available online at as well as stores mentioned above.