Worst fashion trends of 2023 we hope won’t make a come-back next year

Panties as outerwear trend has to go. Picture: Instagram/miumiu

Panties as outerwear trend has to go. Picture: Instagram/miumiu

Published Dec 19, 2023


Yes, we know that luxury fashion brands set the trends, but it certainly doesn't mean we all have to love it.

And it most certainly doesn’t mean we all have to wear it.

This year we’ve seen some trends make unfortunate come-backs and some that should never have started trending in the first place.

Here are my least favourite fashion trends for 2023.

Ballet pumps

If there were one trend we all hoped had died in the 2000s, it would have to be ballet pumps.

But then Miu Miu and Prada sent them down the runway this year and they once again became one of the hottest shoe trends.

Now unless you have long lean legs, these shoes are unflattering for most people.

Never mind the stinky feet that go with it because trying to hide socks underneath them is nearly impossible.

While flat shoes are meant to be comfortable, with no arch support, ballet flats are not it.

Let’s hope that it’s a trend that will once again be left behind for good.

Denim maxi skirt

Another trend that made an unnecessary comeback was the denim maxi skirt.

Made popular back in the late nineties, the frumpy skirt might have been a big deal back then but certainly doesn’t have a place in 2023.

Because of the heavy fabric and the awkward length, it made it difficult to style.

Never mind the fact that in most instances, it was low-waisted, making it only suitable for those who could show off their bellies.

Big cartoon boots

Why anybody would want to look like a cartoon character is beyond me.

While we know that everything oversized has been trending over the past few years, these big boots took the trend way too far.

The trend started with the launch of the ‘big red boot’ from the US label MSCHF at the beginning of the year.

Spotted on celebs like Lil Nas X, Iggy Azalea and Ayra Starr, the Astro Boy-looking boots went viral on TikTok.

And if the red ones were not bad enough, later in the year MSCHF collaborated with Crocs to bring out a bright yellow big boot. Same shape as the boot but this time had holes punched through them to look like Crocs.

People already have a love-hate relationship with Crocs.

No pants trend

It took some time for us to get used to seeing people wearing bras as outerwear; a trend that doesn’t seem to going away any time soon.

Now people are starting to wear panties as pants and I’m definitely not here for it.

Not everything that goes down the runways needs to be carried on over to street style.

Just because models Kendall Jenner and Bella Hadid wore their panties as pants, doesn’t mean we should do the same.

Are cheeky cut-off shorts not revealing enough?

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