What not to do at your year-end office party

Office parties can be fun but always be on your best behaviour. Picture: Freepik/DC Studio

Office parties can be fun but always be on your best behaviour. Picture: Freepik/DC Studio

Published Dec 9, 2023


We’re rapidly coming to the end of the year and many companies are already starting to close up shop for the festive season.

This is usually the time when companies would have their year-end office parties to thank staff for their hard work throughout the year.

While year-end functions are meant to be fun, it’s easy for you to become the entertainment or the subject of office gossip if you behave inappropriately.

To make sure that you don’t give yourself a bad name, here are some essential tips on what not to do at your office party.

Don’t get drunk

A drink or two is fine but it’s best not to overindulge.

Booze impairs your judgement and can lead to inappropriate behaviour and embarrassing situations.

Highly doubt you would dance on tables if you were sober!

Always remember that even though it’s a party, it remains a professional setting where you are still being watched by your superiors.

Limit how much you drink. Picture: Freepik

Don’t discuss controversial topics

Although it's tempting to engage in conversations about politics, religion, or other sensitive issues, it's better to not bring up controversial topics.

You never know what the next person’s views are and this could quickly lead to arguments and possibly damage a relationship with a colleague.

Keep conversion light and focus on more neutral topics.

Don’t flirt with co-workers

While you might want to let your hair down a bit, it doesn’t mean you must forget where you are.

The office party is not the time or place to flirt with a colleague you might have a crush on.

Making sexual advances toward a co-worker is never a good idea. Remember you still have to face that person the next day.

Don’t criticise or gossip about co-workers

Office parties are not the place to vent frustrations or spread rumours about your colleagues.

Criticising or gossiping about them can create a toxic atmosphere and harm team dynamics.

Don’t suck up to your boss

Just because the management chooses to make an appearance at the office party, does not mean that they’re looking to make friends with the staff.

The office party is not the place to try to talk about a promotion or pitch ideas.

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